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My new VN900 Special Edition..

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kmfdmr, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Taking delivery tomorrow morning... :)




  2. noice.. and it doesn't have those bloody horrible Kwaka flames on the tank ... enjoy your ride .. you know what they say:

    if you don't cruise .. you lose
  3. Nice. Kawasaki quietly does some less generically-styled cruisers that look nicely old-school authentic, purposeful without fuss and even a little quietly and assuredly understated.
  4. oh that's gorgeous
  5. Thats a 09 model isnt it? you will have a ball on this thing, i was going to buy 1 after i rented 1 in Qld but didnt in the end, just make sure its de baffled
  6. I've been riding it all day, and I've got to say I'm really impressed with the whole package. Refined, comfortable, linear torque, good looks. Only thing left wanting is a helmet lock!

    Even stock, the exhaust sounds good (got droned out by a guy on a Heritage Softail at the lights, but that's hardly surprising).. Throttle open, the intake makes a great sucking noise and the engine just roars, but then low revs it just drops away to near silence. I thought I'd stalled it. Haha.

    The pegs are higher and more forward than I'm used to on a cruiser, but they provide so much clearance you can really lean into the corners and the only thing you have to worry about is laying down too much torque and losing traction.

    It's a used bike, and the previous owner removed those god-awful kawasaki name plates on the sides of the tank (which is great), so the only thing that says kawasaki is just below the speedo.

    Yeah, it's an 09.. I'm not actually going to debaffle it. I've got my eye on a set of these if I can find an importer who can be reasonable (given where the AU$ is right now, they should be cheap).
  7. those nearly made me sex wee! Would suit teh colour of your bike as well.
  8. should see how they look with a 300 tyre on the back, friggin awesome


  9. You could give these guys a call, they make to fit and they make em nice.

    222 Cheltenham Road Tel: (03) 9769 1200
    Keysborough, Vic. 3173 Fax: (03) 9769 1201
  10. Cobra Speedster Swept (Black), FI2000R and helmet lock all on order from West End Motorcycles in the US. :)
  11. Sounds like you have a thing for big rear ends Goz?

    Love the bike kmfdmr, very very nice!
  12. Pipes and FI2000R installed... Man, what a difference. It sounds fantastic.


    Now thinking new intake, and highway bars if I can find some in black/ dark grey like the frame. Chrome just looks out of place on this bike. Anyone know of any? I suppose another solution would be to buy chrome ones and dip/paint them.
  13. google meancycles

    Trust me, do a 240 rear tyre conversion, fits straight on, and add the lowering kit as there is to much gap between the tyre and guard
  14. Mmmmm. Tempting.. It'd have to be the gloss black one. $1900 US + Shipping (which would also be substantial) is a fair whack though. I reckon it's on the list though.

    Stock rear guard & licence plate holder would have to go too. Is it legal in vic to sidemount?
  15. do it like the red 1


  16. I'll have to check if it's still compliant modded like that.. I can't make out if either of them have rear indicators. Looks awesome though..
  17. i think the blinkers is integrated with the tail laight (led) so half the light will change to orange