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My new VFR (now with pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by coxy., Jul 25, 2008.

  1. the time has come to upgrade and i now have a nice blue vfr800 sitting next to the little fzr. I picked it up after work tonight (the guy was nice enough to let me pick it up at 23:30. very grateful) the ride home was to short and i really wanted to keep riding to all those fun roads past south morang but it was past midnight and there is always tomorrow.

    i will post some pic's in the next couple of days

    :dance: :dance: :dance:
  2. well YAY for you :)

    no matter how new the bike, there's just no good reason to be riding round South Morang after midnight in the middle of July :LOL:.
  3. Congrats mate ! ..
    ...( awaiting klutu's response :-w ) :p
  4. I'm with Hornet, it's bloody cold out that way in July, but I guess the warm fuzzy feeling with a new bike overcomes that!

    Looking forward to the pics
  5. Hah!! 6.15am starts through the Plenty Valley has the mirrors iced up, the fog-proof visor fogging and ice forming on front of visor.

    But, thermals, leathers, motodrys etc keep us all weather bikers riding to work.

    Congrats and well done on the new unit. Was out at Sth Morang watching Epping thump your 2nds and seniors at the local footy.

    If you see a red 1200 Bandit in your travels, give us a wave.

    How does the big unit go and where are the pics?
  6. Congrats Coxy, Hope you managed to get out today. Hope to see you out there.
  7. What's this?

    A new bike thread without photos?



    Your new VFR800 is lemon-yellow with training wheels and a purple dildo built into the seat until pics prove otherwise.

    You have been advised.
  8. lol ktulu i love your anti-pic-nazi thread hate posts.

  9. Hi all,
    today was the first day it has not rained since i got my bike, so this morning i got rugged up and off i went. i didnt think there was any bike better than my 91 model fzr250 (only other road bike i have owned) but things just stepped up a level and i havent smile so hard in a long time. Im just taking it easy until i get a little more confident on the bike but its my only transport so i have gotten very wet riding to and from work the last few days.
    im of to have some lunch and i think i might go for another ride.

    here are some pics




  10. not all people have weekends off of work to go taking photos but the good thing is i have the roads almost to my self on my days off during the week :grin:
  11. Sounds fine to me...
  12. lulz @ ktoolioo
  13. Do yourself a favour and keep an eye on Ebay for VTR SP1 or CBR F4 front end and an ohlins (or other) rear shock. The biggest let down for the VFR is the suspension. Other than that, they're a nice bike.
  14. Well done on transforming this thread from a useless waste of server-space into a proper new bike announcement.
  15. The looming threat of Ktulu was the reason I delayed my "zomg new Tiger" announcement for a whole week - to give myself time to get the photos and avoid Ktulu's wrath. ;)

    Congrats on the Veefer! :)
  16. Couldn't you have washed the bikes before the pics? ;)

    Nice bike tho, welcome to the Honda Light... :LOL:
  17. Funny you mention that. I recently installed a 929 Fireblade shock into a '99 VFR and the difference has been huge. I don't know what the OP can do with the later models as far a swapping a better Honda shock but trawling the VFR sites would be a good idea.

    Why in God's name they insist on keeping that shit-poor suspension package on the VFR is beyond me. Fully adjustable doesn't have to mean sports only, it means a properly set up bike. For the money they ask for a VFR I'd expect a lot better.

    Congrats to the OP btw and glad to see the yellow paint washed off. did Sarz ask for the seat attachment? :grin:
  18. i didnt want to waste water and im lazy
  19. Im sure I'm about to make myself sound like a real stupid newbie...
    here goes... why is the license plate rubbing up against the rear tire
    :? :?


  20. theres a bit of distance between the tire and number plate, it sits up and behind tire but because of the angle i took pic and compression of a longer lense on my camera it looks like its touching.