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My new Upgrade. Yet to be named

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by aussieak, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. She Now has name. Selene!!!

    Daytona 675R 2012 was delivered to day with 900 metres on the clock.

    • White Oggy Knobs Fitted
    • Rear Seat Cowl (To be fitted) 2week wait WTF
    • Factory Alarm
    • Gel Seat
    • Watsen Flush mount indicators
    • Axle Sliders
    • Puig Tinted Double Bubble
    I will show updated photos once all the work is done but here are some pic's to get you started.

    Attached Files:

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  2. she's beautiful
  3. fuuuck yoouu. my dream bike.
  4. the last few new bike threads and they've all been white bikes! some sort of trend happening?

    very nice bike mate, looks like barrels of fun.
  5. White is the new black :) (y)
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  6. Congrats A. She's indeed beautiful.

    How many days left now for restrictions?
  7. congrats. A beautiful bike indeedy.....looks the goods and sure to be a mindbender.
  8. Very nice Alex. Long live the rise of the white Triumphs:beer:
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  9. Very nnnnniiice. Jealous.
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  10. very nice Alex, now put your pants back on before the neighbours complain, and no, she cant sleep in your bed!! lol
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  11. Very very very nice.

    Saw one of these today at PS in Ringwood. Fortunately I was only in there for some winter gloves but the temptation was there!!

    Enjoy her and do let us know what she ends up being named.......

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS White is the new black.
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  12. *mopping up the drool*
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  13. OMG.. she's beautiful. I'm so jealous.. I hope you treat her well, coz she looks like she may have a bit of a mean streak ;-)

    I look forward to catching up one of these Saturdays (if work slows down enough that I can make it down)..
  14. very nice mate!
  15. Nice one Alex :)
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  16. Nice one Alex, now the long wait begins!
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  17. Very..very...very nice mate....

    Great choice - and hey....the offer still stands for a test-pilot (should one be required) (y)

  18. Great, now another Netrider to be jealous of.
    When are you lot going to stop buying my bike.

    Well done. Looks awesome.

    Very very jealous.

    PS since you bought her in winter what about "snowflake" for a name.

  19. I see a red door and I want to PAINT IT BLACK !!

    Nice score