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My new Twin!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ajiribarren, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. After some time considering some options for my Z750 (fiancee hated it, ergonomics not great for me) and test riding a lot of bikes, I was set on getting a Triumph Tiger 800 ABS. Loved the idea of having a dual-sportish bike. I even had all the paperwork ready, but I dunno why in the last moment I hesitated.

    Long story short, I test rode a KTM 990 SMT. Got home, and had a talk with my fiancee. Compared pros and cons. In the end, I followed her advice "It's your toy". The Triumph is a lovely bike, the KTM a little more "demential". In the end, the KTM won. Is not a common bike you see on the street that much, and the Twin is a lovely engine!


    Already changed the cans for a pair of FMF 4.1 Ti Slip Ons, and been fiddling with TuneECU loading the Akrapovic Map. Neighbours don't love me too much these days :D
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    Congrats. What happened to the Yammy?
  3. i like that alot. i have a superduke so i really envy your wind protection!
  4. congrats mate, shes a beauty
  5. Nice looking bike!
  6. Thanks guys!! I really like the bike so far! The seat is really comfy, relaxed ergonomics, heaps of torque and looove the sound. At first I was worried because being 5'9 I thought a KTM like this would be too tall for me, but I was suprised of how flickable and light it feels, and even though I can't plant both my feet, tip-toes or even one foot feels really secure.

    Wind protection is adecuate, coming from a Z750 the screen is much appreciated!