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My new trade

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Beza, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Decided it was time for a new bike of sorts, as much as I loved my ZX6R it just wasn't quite right for me so went for a few test rides and decided on a GSXR-600.

    The ninja rocked at the track with plenty of top end but I found the GIXXR has a more managable power band for the street, plus it has a lower seat height and lighter and easier to mono\\:D/
  2. One Word. NICE!!!
  3. She's pretty flash
  4. Congrats, mate! That's a stunning ride!
    Is it the latest model?
  5. Nah it's a K6...loving it so far even in the rain
  6. Nice ride mate ;) Your one of the cool kids now :cool: Any upgrades planned?
  7. Loving the Gixxers!!

    Congrats and enjoy :biker:
  8. Gixxers seem to be taking over this year...
  9. Nothing to special just an exhaust and a tail tidy. Maybe some blue anodized bar ends for a bit of bling lol
  10. What model ZX6R did you have?

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  11. Beaut bike mate! Enojoy!
  12. 2007-08
  13. Ah,which is in your sig. Dont think they show that on tapatalk! I think that was the year kawi got a little lost. The 636 before hand was apparently a beast and the newer 2009 model is same.

    I am buying my first Supersport in 4 weeks. What do you like about the Gix over the Kawi?
  14. For me it's the fact that it's lower and lighter I also found I'm up in the power band more when riding around on the street. Over all it just suits me better than the kwaka did.