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My new toy...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by boo81, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I am sure this will attract it's fair share of 'POS Hyo' comments, but I dont care. I am excited about my new bike and gear even if no one else is :grin:

    New 2008 two tone Hyosung 250

    New helmet



    Now I just have to get my license! LoL

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  2. Good onya boo81 :grin:

    You must have some good self control to buy everything before you have your licence! Are you booked in?
  3. LoL yeah well my first mistake was going into the shop... but you have be confident they say! haha

    Yeah mate, I am booked in for next weekend so we will see how I go. If I don't pass this time then I will keep trying!
  4. That's the way - don't give up :grin:

    Let us know how it goes!
  5. Nice bike, cool helmet. Good luck with your Ls. :)
  6. congrats on new bike n such :)

    i loved my hyo 250 when i was riding her around, was always reliable and never ever ever had not 1 problem what so ever, i managed to do around 13,000kms before i sold her off and picked up my new ride.

  7. Mate first rule. It's YOUR bike.
    Second rule. It's no one elses business.
    Third rule. See first rule.

    New colours for 08?
    Lid looks cool too.

    Well done.
  8. Cheers mate - I can live by those rules!

    I think the only difference with the 08 model is the two tone colour... Could be wrong though?
  9. The two-tone colour certainly works well, looks nice.
    Was there any other colour combos available or just the red/black?
  10. :D

    mad they brought the 2 tone here, is there any other colours? i love the orange and black one!
  11. Oh my goodiness...red...it looks better than some Ducatis I've seen. :)

    Let me run it in for you. :grin:
  12. great we dont get the same two tones as the UK!:(:(, they have much nicer two tones.


    (yes i know the link is 650 but they have 250's in same colour scheme)

    our design is alot more simple and not as nice, still good news we have two tones now just wish they brought over the nice two tone orange design i would buy it in a heart beat.
  13. That red & black one looks awesome with the chrome stickers too!!!

    FYI - the two tone costs $300 more that the standard colours, but well worth the money I thought...
  14. which design do you like better? yours or the other red version i linked to?

    and thanks for the info about price mate.

    How much did it cost you on road if you dont mind?
  15. I like the one you linked to better I think - but am still happy with mine!

    I paid $7500 on road with 12mths rego. Only about $80 more than the standard color. I thought it was a good deal! :)
  16. I seen the new colours on the HYO yesterday and it looks really good.

    Congrats enjoy. :grin:
  17. do you have the bike yet? if so can you take some photos?

    also you should join korider.com
  18. Nah I dont get it until 12/11 because I knew if I picked it up earlier I would be too tempted to ride it without my license... Once I get it though I will post some pics.

    Cheers for the link - I will check it out.
  19. well done boo81 i am happy for ya mate! its exciting getting your first bike....

    Just to give u a quick reality check.... what is your feelings if u send the bike for a skid down the road on the side ?? or maybe a stationary drop ?

    take it easy out there mate! and good luck with your licence
  20. Sweet lookin' ride mate.
    And good thinking of not picking it up before your L's. coz i'll bet me bottom dollar you'll be riding it the minute it is delivered at your door.
    good luck on your Ls.
    and like you said, post some pics and reviews, might pick myself one of those babies(my finances needs sorting out first [-o< )