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My new toy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Holster, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Some of you know I've been hankering for a trackbike for a while now, but lack of a towbar, trailer, tools etc has stopped me.

    A friend called me with a deal (going halves with him) that was just too good to refuse, we went out this morning to have a better look at it.......

    And now I have a new track bike :D

    Little bit of a back story on the bike - it was my friends bike and it was stolen in 2006, the police recovered it. Now all the legal proceedings have now ended and his insurance company have offered him a buy back price on it, wait for it.......


    The bike is a '04 GSXR1000 the only damage is a busted lock (starts with a screwdriver (and it started first go!) some missing fairing bolts and a small crack, a tiny bit of paint missing (about the size of a 50c piece) on the left side - the police did this because they were checking if it had been resprayed and finally (prob the reason it's so cheap) the vin has been removed - automatically making a stat write off - none of it an issue for a track bike though!

    FYI - if anyone is looking for a set of fairings and road gear (lights / indicators for a '04 gsxr1000 pm me.

    Now for some dodgy phone pics (inc. poor lighting!)

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  2. two grand for an '04 bike :shock:!!!

    so does going halves include sharing the riding??
  3. Yep - but we ride in different groups so even when doing the same track days no one will be missing out :D

    He will be tracking his current road bike when the new bike he wants is released (and he buys it) and I will be buying out his share in this - so that gives me a bit of time to get my car, trailer & track gear sorted.
  4. Is that the guy that stole it in the pic? He looks dodgy as
  5. Well he likes cars, drifting and all that jazz so yeah....he's pretty dodgy
  6. Holster - a word of caution...

    Well - first - congrats on a great buy. That's awesome. It's a low thing to do to steal somebody's bike, but to get it back with minimal damage is a huge bonus. Most are crashed very quickly or abused and neglected and thrashed like ... they were stolen or something.

    About the track days, tyres and engines cool off nicely before it's your turn to go again, but a bike that goes out in Fast and then straight back out in Medium will have tyres that are not just warm, but off, or close to it. That doesn't mean you can't do it, you can, but be advised the bike will feel loose and squirrelly, and overall grip levels will be lower, although they should be nicely progressive, and you may find the brakes coming in a long way...

    I love my Pilot Powers, but this is something I wouldn't do with them. You want a tyre that works when it's really hot. The latest and greatest pirelli superbike tyre would probably be a good one to look at first.
  7. So far the plan is to run track days with 2 sets of tyres - 1 set of race slicks and a set of something like the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SPs
  8. What a deal man!

    Keep us updated, how quickly are you planning on getting this thing to the track?
  9. I'd be seeing if you can get it re stamped with an ID number......A mate of mine was ay PI a year or so ago when the fed's showed and started checking all bike's for any stolen one's.....His frame was from over seas and never had one and cause it had no VIN was impounded by the Victorian police for 6 month's whilst he tried to prove it wasn't stolen....

    The eventually stamped it when the released it so it wouldn't happen again....Hope they did this for you so you don't have the same issue's....
  10. As far as I know they wont be doing that but we will be keeping the insurance sale details with the bike.

    If vicpol take this bike again I'll be thinking they have a major hard on for it though - they held it for almost 4 years after it was stolen (it was recovered 3 months after it was stolen)
  11. Good on ya Hols, happy for ya :)
  12. Good stuff $2000 what a bagain.
  13. yep - If you didn't have the cash you'd head to st kilda and sell your dot to get it!
  14. Nice ..I bought a bike thats a big paper weight for $2000....might just head on down to st kilda
  15. nice work, enjoy it!

    i still havent done a track day, but when i get round to it, presuming i enjoy it, i would have my eye out for something like this!
  16. Looks like we are picking it up on Saturday!

    More pics to come :D
  17. So my new boy got picked up today!


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  18. Very noice!
  19. Congrats. He's a beaut.
  20. ohhhh nice!

    that trailer pic... is that a bike on it's ear in the background?