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My New Throttle Grips Too Loose?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by JustCruisin, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I'm almost finished with getting my Honda VT400 rideable again but I'm having an issue or two. I bought new grips for the motorcycle since the originals were damaged & needed to be replaced. I tried glueing the grip to the throttle tube with grip glue, but it was too loose, so I tried again but with the help of safety wires to hold it tight after glueing it again, but it still came off relatively easy. I've watched videos to see if I was doing something wrong & I noticed that the guys that were glueing their grips to the throttle tube required some effort pushing it in to fit. My grips easily go in the throttle tube with no effort so I'm thinking the grips I got are just too loose but then again I could be doing something wrong. I'm also experiencing lack of spring return on my throttle after replacing my throttle cables. The grips are 1'' Scorpion Custom Grips.



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    Harley use 1 inch thick handlebars,just about everyone else use either 22mm or 7/8 of an inch thick bars.There is zero chance of using 1 inch grips on 7/8 of an inch bars.That bar glue is very messy to use,even for me and I am a Chippy who has contact glued acres of stuff over the years.What works best is hair spray into the grip inner.It lubes for an easy fit,and the dont touch the grip over night to set the lacquer in the spray.
  3. Does the Honda have a 1" bar ?
    As you have bought 1" grips they'll only fit tight to a 1" bar.
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    My bars are 1'' & the throttle tube fits fine in it. I know this because I bought 7/8 grips, but they were too short inside so they wouldn't go in. It's more or less the issue with the grip not sticking to the the throttle tube it comes with.

    Well I bought 7/8 for it before & it was too small so I bought the 1'' & they fit fine.

    There is no issue with the throttle tube fitting on the handlebar. I'm just having an issue with the grip sticking to the throttle tube as well as a throttle spring return even though I've installed the new throttle cables in their correct locations.
  5. Try giving them a good clean first.
    Often plastics and metals will be covered in release agents to help get them out of the moulds or dies.
    Hit them with a degreaser or kero to clean it off, and then maybe some hair spray to give you a sticky base.
  6. I'll try that. Stupid question but what kind of hairspray & will it stick nicely? The grip & throttle tube it comes with are VERY easy to slide on & that gives me the feeling that it won't hold at all.
  7. Mmm,I would have thought Honda would have the smaller bar diameter but it being a cruiser maybe not.BTW fitting grips can take one hell of a twisting pushing eff it to get on,I am talking eye popping effit without lube.So you recon the smaller grips dont fit and the bigger ones are loose.Bit of a conundrum,do you have a set of vernier calipers to measure the bars to be sure.
  8. Any hairspray that has 'maximum hold' or 'extra strong' should be Ok.
    How is the clutch side grip ?
    I'd practise on that side.
    The grip should fit tightly to the throttle tube. If it's more than 0.5mm larger then you'll be struggling to get it locked in place.
    You might need to build up the throttle tube first with some glue or resin but that's pretty unusual.
  9. Oh no that's not what I mean. I'm sorry if I made it confusing. The handlebar on my Motorcycle is fine, the throttle tube goes in fine. What I'm talking about is the throttle tube going inside the right-hand grip. The throttle tube came with the grip so it's the correct one, but even putting the throttle tube in the grip is effortless. Could be a factory fault I don't know.
  10. We're only talking about the grip sticking to the throttle tube right ?
    The tube is supposed to be a loose fit over the bar in that side.
  11. The clutch side is fine & has a nice grip, but I haven't set that one in yet as I'm waiting for another part for my left switch block. It's just this darn throttle side I'm having trouble with.
  12. Yes.
  13. Normally the throttle tube will have some fins or locating ribs on the tube and inside the grip.
    The clutch side will not.
    Is this the case here ?
  14. I don't recall any guide on the throttle tube. All I thought was to push the grip into the throttle tube until it stops where the end holds the throttle cables.
  15. Hairspray also acts as lube before it sets helping to push the tight grips on. Unless you are having a little bit of effort getting them to slide on, they sound too loose.
  16. Okay I've fixed the throttle spring return issue & cleaned off the glue residue. All that's left is to use hairspray on the throttle tube & grip. Too bad I was walking with wet feet on a rainy day only to find out that woolworths & the pharmacy is closed. Gonna have to wait for that hairspray.
  17. Where are you ?
  18. I'm in Rydalmere, 2116.
  19. Try 7/11 or coles plus servo.
    It won't fix the problem if the grip is too large / loose, but it will give you a good base.
  20. Mate. If you can get the throttle grip on dry with no effort, then you have an issue. You need a smaller grip, or you will have to pack out the throttle. No glue is gunna cut it if the grips not a press fit into the throttle.