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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Siwagod, May 22, 2013.

  1. Picked up suit last night. Worn twice, kangaroo leather.

    And exhaust just arrived 10 minutes ago :D RS3

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  2. You need a Stormtrooper helmet.
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  3. Can't see the tail is it tucked up under you?
    Looking very smart there dude. :)
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  4. +1 for a StormTrooper helmet.

    Looks great. keep it clean, @Siwagod.
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  5. Is that twice counting the 'roo, or twice since the 'roo?

    Looks good mate, might be a bit of work keeping it clean, tho.
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  6. Envious.

    +2 for a StormTrooper Helmet - Would get you noticed more than HighVis.

    So it's Skippy Skin, made in USA by a Japanese company?
  7. ....or a white helmet. You could be the Stig's Motorbike riding cousin!!:)
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  8. I can't see where you end and the bike begins.

    Please tell me you are going to wear that getup when we next ride.
  9. When we end up going for a ride, I am so bringing a box of crayons.
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  10. definately better without the tutu
  11. I have just a bit of white on my leathers and it is such a pain in the ass to clean it.

    I reckon your leathers will need this LOL :) :

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  12. Is that "Closed Course Competition Use Only" on the exhaust box just for the sake of liability? Either way, and I don't know why, but that box excites me
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  13. Actually it's made in South Africa o_O And definitely need to get a trooper helmet.

    I will wear it just for you.

    RS3 :D Just fitted her on tonight and opened up the air intake. Got a high flow filter arriving tomorrow to create a custom one with.

    Stripped him down tonight.

    Flow restriction in

    And now.

    Annnnd the new noisy thing.
  14. Man, you just need a slightly adjusted pose in a better setting, continuing the black & white theme, maybe stopped on the curve of a race track with fresh black seal, with a nice white painted curve.

    I was thinking of starting a thread "Best Looking Rider You have seen", but decided against 'cuase the prompt was seeing a Lady on a Vespa, Nice open face helmet, Burgundy Fitted Leather Jacket (Fashion store) and nice slacks. Couldn't have seen a better image for the cover of Vogue. And then there was the Girl on the large black Sports bike in Nicholson St. Very nice Jeans, very nice legs and ah-hum "ar*se"straddling the seat. I hope they were kevlar jeans because that body needs preservation. Sexist perhaps, but that's the way my genes programme me.

    - But now Siwagod has put his gender forward (someone is bound to take that out of context). Maybe it's a theme for the Netrider Anniversary shoot.
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  15. so when you coming for a spin down the old road at night?

    well get those whites all bugged up :)
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  16. also, where did you get the leathers from? they custom? price?
  17. I'll see if I can get a good pic taken when I manage to get to the track. Always nice to have a good pic of something you love.

    Haha any time you are keen mate.

    And I got them from a guy on Sydneys Riders. He bought them to do track days on his R6 like two years ago, but then sold the bike after only using them twice. Has had them sitting in his wardrobe ever since.
    They're DMD, a South African company that has pretty much gone bust. Were like $960 when they came out, but you can pick one up brand new on eBay for like $440-$470.
    I got this one for $300 after waiting for him to agree after noone showed interest when he was asking for $400. Quality is very solid and I'm extremely happy with them.
  18. Hot damn, that looks sick.
  19. +1 Stormtrooper Hat & A Laser Gun
  20. They are very white and very bright, good luck trying to keep them clean!