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My New SVF650 LAMS Gladius - with tweaks :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by alexandre, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Just picked it up last night....

    - M4 exhaust
    - ASV shortie levers
    - Renthal ultra low handle bar
    - Tail tidy with LED brake light
    - Aftermarket mirrors
    - Aftermarket handle bar ends
    -Near new Michelin Pilot Power rear tyre

  2. I like these bikes
  3. bet you will like it even more when you see your jeans and gloves across them. lol
  4. Looking good mate.

    Is this a New new bike?

    Either way - lovely (y)

    Edit: just saw the pick with >10,000K on ODO...............

    Very clean as a second hander! Great find my friend
  5. Is that Maetrik's old bike just with the standard front????

  6. I bought it from a guy in Ryde. He it it from someone that bought it in the Central Coast.
  7. Nice bike. I have on in red.

    Is that Adrian's bike?
  8. Not bad at all :) My ride now shares two mods with yours.

    Where are you located?
  9. Looks 100% better with the stock can removed. Nice pick up.
  10. cheers guys. Located in Bondi :) Sydney weather is killing me. rain rain rain! and heading interstate for 3 weeks, so won;t get a proper chance to ride it till the new year :(
  11. Very nice bike mate. These are on my short list of upgrade bikes. How is the m4 exhaust, are you happy with it? I have heard people complain that they are too loud and the cops keep hastleing them. It cirtainly looks heaps better.
  12. mate, not too sure to be honest, i don't have much to compare it to. This is my first bike, first one i've ridden etc.

    I will say though, that i was told to sit ont he bike running and familiarise myself with the controls etc before the first ride, and i didn't feel comfortable doing so in my apartment block driveway! lol I'm in Bondi NSW, happy for you to come have a listen.
  13. Clemo, my Gladius has the M4. At idle, it is civilised, but boost the revs and it roars — definitely noticed by others, but not stupidly loud. More importantly, the engine seems more peppy than before ;)

    Edit: here's an example from yesterday:

    PM me your address and mobile no., I'm happy to help you out today [leaving Sydney tomorrow for two weeks].
  14. hey mate - still at work today :(

    But im away for 3 weeks, definitely keen to have someone give me a guided tour over the bike!

    Will get in contact in the new year.
  15. That's cool. See you then.
  16. Very nice sound, not too loud. These bikes are moving up my list.
  17. Is this the one which had an unrestricted ECU with it?

    Bought one with the same + more mods a couple of months ago. Great bikes. Mine has a yoshi an a straight though pipe where the cat converter once lived. It's loud.... Very loud....
  18. Not mine.