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My new SV

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by fooyoh, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. G'day all, spent quite a long time looking and deciding on bikes and finally settled on the SV! It was a tough decision just because I'm 6"4'. Couldn't be happier. It's a '09 LAMs model in white. She goes awesome and has lots of grunt. Very happy with her.

    Got a scorpion can and have just been doing some aesthetic mods to her; flush mounts, fender eliminator with LED indicators.

    On the look out for a nice light tint double bubble screen, belly pan, radiator guard and seat cowl now :p


  2. nice performance-orientated garage you've got there, mate :LOL:.
  3. Congrats! That can will make make the v-twin sound great. Have you tried sv down under?
  4. Very nice, if I ever get a sporty it will likely be one of these. Love the v-twin sound and the tall person ergonomics.
  5. Nice- I love white bikes. Have you thought about gsxr forks?
  6. hehe nice bike... take that baffle out though ;)

    Skidmarx do a nice belly pan for the sv, I know, got one for my hyo hehe :D
  7. certainly is something about a bike dressed in virgin white
  8. Nice shed.

    Some bikes have all the flash parts in the world, and somehow never live up to the promise of all that bling. Others, like the TRX and the SV are cheap and cheerful, yet end up more than the sum of their parts. You can't judge them by counting the designer labels bolted to them, you have to ride them, and that'll leave a smile on you.

    Nice bike, fooyoh. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  9. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, the car isn't driven much anymore, will maybe be converted into a track whore soon.

    The scorpion can sounds great, got a nice v-twin rumble on idle and low revs, not too loud and doesn't attract too much attention. Probably won't be doing too much to her, just aesthetic stuff, nothing too over the top.

    Took her to the Yarra Bend last Saturday for a bit of a get-to-know session and was great. Weather now is looking to be back to cold and wet , boo.

    I looked, sat and tried so many bikes it's not even funny for a tall person on LAMs. Couldn't find a good hornet 250 or bandit 250s, Hyos didn't feel right around the legs, GSX650F was great but a little heavy, GS500F felt cramped too. But it's all good now :cool:
  10. Very nice......the SV is one of only a few fully faired bikes I like and would buy.....good job!

    I am thinking of getting the exact same Scorpion pipe for my bike - is that the Titanium slip-on? How's she sound?
  11. I got the scorpion on my hyo... without the baffle in too. It sounds lovely!!! I can totally recommend them sound wise hehe :D
  12. ^ Where'd you order from?

    Sorry......don't wan't to hijack this thread
  13. err i got mine in the shop I bought the bike... i got offered a good deal so I took it. Sure you could find something online. :D

    And sorry, the SV is a lovely bike. Slightly jealous, as someone else said, one of the prettier faired bikes imo. And gotta love those tail lights
  14. Ordered the can online. After reading around, it was a toss up between the Scorpion and the M4. The M4 sound friggin awesome too if you ask me.
  15. nice one mate

    got an older version myself, the after market can makes a huge difference, sounds awesome!

    i have done any work to mine but planning to do a few upgrades... asthetics if i can be bothered... different rear shock etc..
  16. NOICE!!! I have just bought one from Tassy and having it shipped here to Brissy. Same year and colour :) Wrote off a CB400 within 4 months of having license, enjoyed the little buzz box but since I was presented with the option thought Id try the twin.

    My mate has the GT650R which I rode and didnt really like, except for the grunty twin and how it just cruises at 110kpm without the buzziness from the inline.

    So mate love to hear a ride report. Im super excited and hope it arrives next week.

  17. Well the SV seems to be very responsive and forgiving. Easy to ride and manage. I've never owned a 250 in my life. I've ridden a Ninja 250 couple of years back overseas on an overseas license and when I decided to get a riding license here I did the training on a trail bike. So I wouldn't know how much power it has over a 250 but I'd definitely say its got a heap of grunt.

    Lots of torque and low end power to be expected from a V-twin, races up the speedo very easily, steers beautifully where you want it to and look. I haven't even revved it past 8k because I haven't found the need to. On twisty roads it handles superb and instills confidence. I feel safe and comfortable on the bike. It's like I respect the bike to do its thing and it never fails.

    Took the baffle out of the can today and it definitely sounds more gangster now. Very low v-twin rumble, music to my ears.

    One thing I find is that maybe the bar end weights aren't quite heavy enough. Found my right hand getting numb after cruising at 100-120 Ks for about half hour. Thought it was death grip at first and loosened up but was still the same. Doesn't happen all the time though.

    Maintenance seems to be pretty easy to do seeing as it has bikini fairings. Easy to get your hands into the parts and no side fairings to remove and muck around with. 2.3 litre oil change done very easily. Oggy knobs put on as well so feel even safer.
  18. Great choice!!
  19. Very nice Bike. Enjoy the ride