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My "new" Suzuki GSF250V Bandit - Review/Thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Gday blokes and gals.

    Just thought id share up my new little learner bike, purchased her off one of our fellow netriders and can say after a big clean up and a bit of tinkering here and there, she is running very well.
    My first road bike was a CBR250R (which i also purchased off a netrider member) but i have to say there is really bugger all difference in performance between the two...No where near what everybody hypes them up to be. The CBR was maybe a tiny bit quicker off the bottom, but up top there very similar if you ask me.......Both slow :p

    CBR250R (Owned her last year, had to sell her after two weeks of owning, Id spill the reasons but this is netrider not oprah forums!)

    Album Link: http://img367.imageshack.us/g/picture111smallyk5.jpg/

    GSF250V (Purchased last sunday - Pics is AFTER cleanup)

    Album link: http://img265.imageshack.us/g/dscf3721.jpg/

    Anyway i thought id give my bit of a spill about the GSF250V, take what ever i say with a grain of salt if you are a TRUE learner/begineer to motorbikes as i consider myself a intermediate dirt bike rider, and to anybody who rides dirt. You know how much snappier, quicker a dirt bike can be, in particular Ive owned a YZ250F and now currently ride a YZ125.

    The GSF250V....I took her out for its first some what proper ride, and to sum it all up in one word. It is a "Fun" bike. Fun as in it corners really well, it is very flickable and the engine is super friendly nothing scary about it. I can see this being a very forgiving bike to if i made the mistake of braking a tad late on a corner i missjudged so definatley a plus.

    Though what i did notice is i scraped a bit of my boot while taking a round about (Though probebly rider error, but is a concern for the footpegs), this if a very revvy bike, its definatley no torque monster. The powerband is as the specs say, above 10k is where the power comes on (If you can feel it, he he) but if you are in those rpm ranges, its generally safe to say you are exceeding the speed limit so it isn't to useful having the power all the way up there.

    So really, this bike handles awesome, very comfortable, confidence inspiring, looks quite nice for a NAKED. The power of the bike is what you would expect from a 250 (Very smooth, linear, boring) though like i said if this is your first true motorcycle, it will do you just fine, you may even think its powerful :p

    Now honestly....at first, i wanted something similar to what i had. A sportly looking full fairing bike, but after looking at a few pics of some nakeds my mind changed, which really showed me that all nakeds are not ugly :) I honestly think this looks just as good as my CBR if not better!

    The main reason i looked at this bike was its age. Its a 2000 Australian delivered GSF250V, It isn't no crappy import CBR that is 20+ years old. I did the smart thing this time and purchased something as new as i could afford and i am very happy with my decision to do so. Plus its all hairline differences in how "powerful" they really are.

    I in no way consider myself the next rossi on a road bike, but i can safely say i have the fundamentals down in riding a motorcycle so i would rate my self as a novice. But as with different types of riding come a different set of skills that i will have to learn. So if i sound bigheaded like im better then every other rider out there, it was unintentional, cause hell im really not! Least not on the roads ;)

    My advice to anybody who is looking for a learner bike, Get something as new as you can afford! It will pay off in resale value and in headaches for yourself.

    Any thoughts, comments, looks of the bike post them straight up!

    And i say bring on some rides closer to the northern suburbs so i actually know how to get to them and i can meet all you fine people :D

    BTW: Self control is extremely hard on a road bike..........And i love the way every other bloke/gal on a road bike gives you the "nod". It really brightens my day every time!!!

  2. now thats where u are wrong, everyone here is an expert, and i mean everyone, so spill your beans, sit back with some popcorn, and get ready to be flamed :D
  3. Still got it, Booki? Still happy with it?
  4. I've got a Hornet, bascially the Honda version of the bandit - it's great for a 250 :D
  5. Wow hadn't checked this thread in a while...

    But nope...traded her in a few weeks back for a Brand new DRZ400SM, wish i could say how it goes but its on back order due to no stock here in aus and with whats happening in japan, expected time is mid june :(

    But yes, i was happy with it...Long as i kept reminding myself it was just a 250.

    I did alot of thinking about what bike i want next, and a tard seemed to fit the bill. Wanted to avoid getting something really powerful capable of high speeds, just want something fun to hoon around on and i think a tard would be perfect, especially with my dirt bike background.

    I will probebly end up with another proper road bike though, for longer rides. Can't see myself doing the netrider rides on the DRZ as i think it would be to uncomfortable and not capable of the high speeds....So i think there is still room for one more bike...perhaps a Street Triple or something similar