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My new Suzie GSX1250FA

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by i_happen, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Already Love the bike. Already bent a two rims and damaged two tyres. All fixed and back on the road. Had it less than two weeks so far.
    Got the big GIVI paniers and Oxford Heated hand grips.


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  2. yeah I'd tap that.
  3. How did you manage to do that? They are a good bike, even work well in the dirt :) I approve of your colour choice too =D>:D
  4. Nice one (y)
    Apparently the yanks are spewing because we get them in blue...
  5. Hell yeah mate, very nice indeed. Solid lump of a bike with a great engine by all account. And here I am with a dying GSX-1100EF in the shed... do it proud by riding yours for me eh?

    Cheers - boingk
  6. The rims were bent by a friendly neighbourhood pothole. At night just after the crest of a hill. Suzie didn't stand a chance
  7. Agreed. Not sure on how I've managed not to bend the rims, i've found some really nice potholes around town.

    One small must have mod though, replace the standard headlight bulbs with something better. I've had a Narva blue for ages, bloody good light. Standard bulb is very ordinary.
  8. I HATE YOU!

    Not really of course, more a case of respectful envy. Big congrats on the choice.
  9. BTW. Heres the pothole the next day
  10. Jesus... nasty! Certainly wouldn't want to hit that.

    Reminds me of a 'mystery bump' in the freeway coming southbound into Goulburn, after the bridge. Big freaking bump right in the middle of the lane, looks like somones head is buried there on the roadbase and just covered with hotmix. Hit it one day (preoccupied, tired etc) and got the scare of my life! Never again.

    - boingk
  11. Man......I think my perfect bike garage would need to included a sport tourer like that......what a peach..
  12. What a shocker hope that's got the new bike inevitable out of the way. I wouldn't have liked to hit that on my M50 - would end up with crushed vertebrae from the pothole followed by being thrown over the handle bars!
  13. Gotta love big torquey fours. Have a ball with it. (y)