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My New Supersized Upgrade!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by shadowarrior, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. The ZRX!!!
    Picked this beast up couple of weeks back. Upgrading from the zx6, I love its nakedness :p
    Has loads of torque, yet smooth as hell!! Time to start touring now :)


  2. its a great bike but you HAVE to ditch the front fairing. it has such a gorgeous engine and rear end, but the faired model never sold well because the front fairing ruins the look imho.

    still great bikes
  3. yep get rip of the fairing and it will be a stunner ;)
  4. nice photography btw
  5. I approve.
  6. +1 :)

    They look kind of familiar... ;)
  7. Nice bike, looks like you're in for a fun ride.

    Can't say the same for the people on that Ferris Wheel, though...
  8. Yeah, figured you'd gone snapping with Zenali...

    You getting old ShadowWarrior? :bolt:
  9. lol..yeah most of the pictures in the photoshoot were organized and done by Zen :p
    i was fulfilling a very important duty of warning Zen for incoming cars when he was lying in the middle of the road to take those pics though!! :D

    I would've loved a green 1200R, but that fairing does a good job keeping the wind away :)

    well yeah, feeling the age already, so thought of getting used to 'things to come' before I really get old :D