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My new suit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MattieP, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. It's not my fault, arc made me do it ... at least that's what I'm telling my wife.

    I went for a quick lunch-time walk down to Stevo's today. A mate wanted (nay needed) to look at boots, so off we trot to Elizabeth street. Looking at boots, I found a couple I liked. One pair didn't fit like it should, and the other had a less likable price tag ... wait, my mate was looking for boots, what am I doing? So, leaving him to look at boots, I went for a wander.

    Hmm, gloves. Do I need gloves?

    "No [-( " says my wife in my head.

    But they're the right ones ... and they're half price!

    " :-s " she says.

    ... OK, fine!

    Oooh suits ... wait, they're also half price, arc wasn't joking!!

    "Can I help you?"

    No, yes, no, yes, no ... can I try that one on please?

    So 20 minutes later I'm walking out having left a deposit on a new Dainese Mission 1-piece. Half price tho, and you certainly don't get that opportunity very often.

    Thanks arc!! Last Wednesday's ride just got really expensive. Also, I'm blaming you when my wife kills me.


  2. ...and I thought only my wife stayed in my head :p

    Good buy there.
  3. It's the sign of a good relationship, or so I'm told.

    Of course, it was my wife that told me that ...

    And yes, I'm happy with the purchase. Can't go past half price leathers.
  4. ..yeh! Mine says that too. I dont agree though. :p

    Last time I picked up a cheap pair of summer gloves, she said how many gloves do I need? I said 'as many as half the number of scarves you have'.
  5. :eek:wned:
  6. i just dont tell angie about what i by until she notices then i remind her that her son is living in our bungalo that sometimes shuts her up
  7. Is that the suit that has the built in vagina shaped padding in the crouch?
  8. Repeat after me: "I bought the leathers as SAFETY equipment to give me a greater chance of not being injured if something should happen. I want to make sure I am around for you in the long term. It is a sign of my love for you."

  9. angie would never fall for that line lol
  10. LOL, yes. It comes with built in camel toe. Even the model displays it on the Stevo's website. " ... it really does lift and separate!! "
  11. +1 That will never work

    On the other hand, I did catch her at a good moment tonight and mentioned buying new gloves and boots (not the suit yet), and she's said to get whatever I need, " it's only money "

    Done !!!

    I'm taking at as an official stamp of approval ... 8-[
  12. good luck with it mate
  13. But we know there's always a clause. Isn't it?

    Plus when you mentioned buying new gear - was it a statement or a question?

  14. Sort of both statement and question. I said I need new gloves and boots and they're half price at the moment. Also, I've been working in her for some time on the boots and gloves thing. I mention it lightly every now and then. A bit of psychological wearing down.

    If nothing else, she's a sucker for a sale ... but we all know the rules are different for the women folk.
  15. :popcorn: this thread is a fantastic example of how the male mind works. I'm enjoying it immensely. :D

    Nice new duds, by the way.
  16. Nice work. hehe.

    Male minds are easy to understand. It's the female minds that are complicated. :p

    As in the 5 thousand year old question 'What do women want???' hehe.
  17. Glad we could be of service :p and thanks, I like them.

    +1 We are simple creatures
  18. Wouldn't have a clue! I spend most of my time daydreaming about bikes, shipwrecks, men, sleeping and shiny stuff. Can't really class that as the norm.

    Interested to hear what the Misses says about your whole new outfit. :D If only you were simple creatures ....
  19. Quick update on the suit in case anyone is interested ... it's brilliant.

    Took it to PI for Level 1 of Superbike School on the 29th of October, and apart from being a totally brilliant day from beginning to end the suit was amazing.

    When the front panel is zipped up, the big seam (aka. the camel toe maker) down the front is not so good if youwish to stand up, but that's to be expected. When I unzipped the front panel and let it hang down it was more than fine wandering around pit lane and sitting in classes. That panel also acts as a handy sheild for those that don't wish to see said camel toe.

    It fits in all the right places, it held me in a great position on the bike and made it effortless to keep that position. I wasn't constantly moving myself back into the right spot like I seem to have to do with my 2-piece.

    The day started quite wet and not cold, but cool. I had basic, thin thermals on to deal with this, but as the day continued and the sun came out (probably got to about 25ish), there was more than enough ventilation to not feel hot or bothered.

    There's armor freakin' everywhere! All the usual spots are covered, but I reckon the fore-arm and shin pieces extend a good 3 inches further than anything else I've used. The shins and fore-arms also have harder pieces that sit above the regular armor and everything wraps perfectly. The titanium caps over the elbows, knees and shoulders just give it that mean appearance, I'm sure they're good for protection too though.

    So, to summarise ... my Dainese Mission Suit gets a massive thumbs up. Brilliant !!