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my new stunt video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by spada stunter, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. #1 spada stunter, Mar 9, 2006
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    due to poular demand, i will have my clothes on in this video.

    this is the latest video of my new stunts

    thats the link and have fun
  2. Love the L plate on the back. Don't let SMH or TT get a hold of this! :LOL:

    "Learner rider with no regard for safety cheats death and avoids killing thousands of inocent road users. We have the shocking video. More after the break."

  3. SMh and TT?? dont get it.

    i went past a r6 doing a christ then reverse in to a swich back. he was like WTF a learner doing that.

    he pulled up and looked at me, shaking his head
  4. i have a good idea,

    i will show you a video of me going past vic roads strutting my stuff, ha ha that will turn heads.in a good way

    news head line
    learner rider get chased by police riding backwards
  5. Dood, you're doing good but...............

    Don't be a knob and get busted in peak hour giving the media a reason to tarnish everyone with the same brush.

    Good to see you out in the backstreets of nowhere strutting your stuff but please...............for the love of ya skin, wear some decent gear.

    Gravel rash hurts, especially when you are changing the bandages.

  6. SMH = Sydney Morning Herald
    TT = Today Tonight.

    2 of the many media from the "whip up a storm in a tea cup" school of marketing.
  7. Heheh, I bet that tank slapper about halfway through, while you were facing backwards, gave you a bit of a sphincter factor!
  8. top stuff mate

    now go get a job as a stunter and get paid & cover for it :D
  9. slowest server evar
  10. hey spada, how many times you staked it doin endos and switch backs?

    iv on ly started stunting in the last few weeks (on l's 2) im only on a cb250, but i can get a few good wheelies and stoppies out of a bunch - like 3 or 4 outa 10 (cb dont have much power) but yea i still think tank wheelies are the shit!!!!

    keep it up ,man doin good :)
  11. ummm ok so you rack up four warnings and so get a new account now in case you get banned?
  12. ....or, get a real job and stop trolling on the forum???? :p
  13. the switchbacks are dope
  14. Haha, that's definatley an improvement over your last video of 200 stoppies :LOL:
  15. Mate that's great :grin:

    Keep up the good work !!!! I wish I could do that :oops:
  16. Nice clip coconuts :)

    If only i had a bike i could afford to trash, then i could be stunting all the time.