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My New Striple

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Musket, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Picked her up this morning, thought I'd share the love with everyone. First time on a bigger bike for me, and although I have to run it in (which I know is going to be tedius) you get a sense of power available. And I only got it to 5k!

    Can't wait for more. Time to go to island and back.


  2. very nice!
  3. I wish they made the StripR in green.. i'm green with envy (pun intended).
  4. beautiful! :)
  5. nice bike, wait until you get it past 8k to hear it sing!

    there's a triumph rat ride this sunday, gutted I cant go. check peter stevens dandy for more info or msg me and ill forward it.
  6. congrats musket, looks great, well done for getting some good pics of it all new and clean... it was raining when i picked mine up, so by the time i got it home it had already gone that crappy brown color...
    you might want to go back to where you got it from and grab the instrument cover so you can remove the flyscreen if you ever want to in future...
    yeah i agree gogoplata, 8k+ is great sound...but i love the sound at any revs, i think the rat ride is on sunday the 10th ? i want to go but will have to see what happens with work...
  7. I was hating the weather forecast, it said morning showers and I didn't want to pick it up in the wet, but only copped a brief 5 min shower on the way home, so yeh, it's still looks reasonably clean.

    I think he gave me the instrument cover, dad's got all the extras in his car still. I've got the black radiator cowls too. Not sure if I want the coloured or black ones on yet.
  8. Nice. Very nice. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Re. breaking the bike in, just ride it like you normally would and make sure to give it plenty of gas and fluctuate between the rpms and put load on the engine. Modern day bikes do not need to be wrapped in cotton wool for the first 1000 klms or thereafter. Give it some stick so the everything seals properly - your bike will thankyou for it later :)

  10. Well a few days in and I'm quite happy. I had to ride my old VTR today to get a RWC done, and wow it's gutless in comparison. Starting to get a good feel for the power and still haven't opened up too much. I'm finding the rear tyre is noticeably different. You can really feel it roll into corners a lot better, a far stronger, more stable feeling. It is a firmer ride, which is nice. My only complaint is the heat off the exhaust in peak hour. No problem when you finally get it moving, but when slow or stationary, the groin region gets a little warm .I don't think I'll be complaining about that in a couple of months though.

    Can't wait to give it a little run through the mountains to really start to get a feel for the handling.

    Also, does anyone know if you can put the rego sticker anywhere else, I don't like it hanging off the back?
  11. you could try using a zip tie to attach it to the frame under the seat just infront of the pillion foot peg. or you could leave it under the seat- triumph were kind enough to design the bike with all that empty space in there so you may aswell put it to good use ;)
  12. mine is on the left paddock stand bobbin/reel hole, just before the rear wheel axel and held by a screw, seems pretty stable. got it like that from Peter Stevens.

    not wrong about the heat! even with leathers it feels like my arse is on fire sometimes. I get around it by filtering as much as I can.
  13. must be a street thing. I don't notice much heat on my speedy but I also have a decent pair of slip ons which may help disperse some of the heat, ie breathes better.
    Oh yeah, nice bike.
  14. I really do love the look of them, as with most naked bikes... but i just dont think ill ever own one :(. Mainly due to my back!
  15. You weren't riding down little londsdale this morning by any chance?
  16. It's not a sports bike, I've got bulging/slipped disc and it doesn't bother me. To be honest I don't care though, it's worth it.

    No little lonsdale for me. I enjoy my sunny morning cruise up Beach Rd. The view is far superior.
  17. Nice one Musket. Love the striple. I have a black '08 one and its my absoulute pride any joy. you will bloody love this bike!
    congrats and ride safe
  18. Mate that is one SEXY looking ride. I am in love with those bikes, unfortunately the Mrs wont let me spend that much on a "toy".
  19. Nice bike. Congratulations.

    Running in - just ride it the way you intend to keep riding it.