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My new Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. After the usual agonising wait for restrictions to end, I picked up my new bike last Saturday. I must have been keen, because I flew in from a business trip to Jakarta at 7 in the morning, with 4 different crying children on the plane and as a result no sleep whatsoever. But still, there I was later that day handing over my money and getting a set of keys in return.

    I'd put a lot of thought into what bike to buy, and got a lot of good feedback and advice from folks here. The Striple R was the definite favourite, and now I can see why. I'm still in the first stage of engine break-in, so I have to keep it under 5000 rpm, but even with that little touch of throttle it is fun to ride.

    My first impressions have all been good. The salesperson warned me about being easy with the throttle in first gear, and gentle with the brakes, and generally scared the bejeezus out of me before I rode away. But I needn't have worried. At low revs the throttle is very well behaved, and I think that first is if anything less twitchy than on our CB400. The brakes have a really nice feel to them too. I did some quick-stop practice in the local Bunnings car park last night and I was quite impressed. (Even managed a small stoppie, but nobody saw so it doesn't count.)

    The one thing that I was worried about more than the reportedly twitchy throttle was the poor turning circle. Certainly the handlebars don't have nearly as great a range of motion from lock to lock as the Honda has, but I can't say it is bad enough to be a problem. I can do a u-turn in the width of 2 - 3 parking spaces, which seems fine to me. It does make the bike a bit more troublesome to squeeze into our parking space, along with the 400 and the car, but nothing that can't be worked around.

    I think that what I like best about the bike, even more than the excellent handling and suspension, is the sound. I have the stock pipes, but they are plenty loud enough. The way the 3 cylinder growls is completely captivating. After riding the 4 cylinder Honda, which kind of purrs or whines depending how hard you are pushing it, the Triumph sounds fantastic. It actually sounds as if it should vibrate a whole lot more than it does - another plus in my book. (The lack of vibration, that is.)

    This thread is useless without pics, so here is a shot from my phone. I'll put some better ones up somewhere when I get around to taking some.

  2. nice bit of kit there mate. certainly an upgrade from your last piece of junk :p

    Just a quick bike photography tip. take a photo from the other side of the bike (non stand). Bikes look much better when they are leaning away from the camera as opposed to into.
  3. wow man that screen is farking huge, rip that off and you sir have a cracker bike:beer:
  4. LOL! It is actually not that big. The iPhone has a wide angle lens on it, so it makes things look a bit warped. I'll take some proper photos later.

    Ben - you mean something more like this...?


    Already got the shoot planned. All I need is time.
  5. that one is too close to the bike. and to low for me.

    The type I like to look at is more like the one i took in my new bike thread. a little bit of scenery, good wide view of the bike.

    Im a shit photographer with a camera phone, but i know what i like looking at.
  6. So a little more in this vein...


    ... only with a better bike. :) Oh, and this will probably be too low for you as well. (But I quite like that angle. Different strokes for different folks.)

    I liked your new bike story. Much more adventurous than mine. :)
  7. That great sound, the way it changes into a psychotic howl around 6-8K rpm, may end up getting you in trouble. It's addictive. 8-[
  8. Nice spot for pics...I know where that is :)
  9. Congrats!

    +1 - remove that visor - I did. Its just too big imo.

    Limited turning circle: be careful, if you're doing a u-turn and it hits the stop the bike will tip over, be ready for it and DONT touch the front brake!

    Congrat's Zenali!!! Another proud 675 owner!!

    How awesome is the sound under load, give it a belting, you know you want to!

    Side note, your doing the rev up rev down thing yeah?? My mechanic advised going up to 8k during run in but each to their own.

    I reckon we need a trumpy ride or something...
  11. Nice Bike Zen.

    You're going to have a heap of fun on that.:p
  12. Awesome bike! Ditch the screen.
  13. +1 for ditching the screen :)
    nice looking bike...zen you got to tell me about your secret photogenic locations!!
  14. I saw your exact model and colour parked in North Sydney today. I dont like nakeds, but it def looks tough. I'd have to agree on the screen bit, but looks nice anyhow
  15. Aerodynamics FTW. The screen stays. :) Not a fan of fairings, but the screen does its job nicely, and it isn't as big in real life as the crappy phone camera makes it look.

    Fun bike - but the battery that came with it was a dud. After two days it died, and had to be replaced. I bought myself a multimeter so I can check up on it to make sure there isn't an underlying problem with the charging system.
  16. Pick up a 3-way charger as well. They are useful as hell. I learnt it the hard way :|
  17. Very nice bike Zen. You should have some great times on that. Leave that screen on if it suits your needs mate as after all, it is YOUR bike. I had the same problem battery wise with my bike. Bloody thing. If you are after a battery charge for those just in case times, the Cteck brand is great. They have models which you can select what sort of battery (car, motorcycle) and they don't over charge the battery. They will top up then trickle to avoid damaging. A great idea for those of us who don't ride much in the winter or need to go away for weeks at a time and want to ensure that your bike is ready to start on the first crank over. I know coz I sell them and I have one and it's one of the best tools I have recently got and I'm not trying to be biased.
  18. Nice bike mate congratulation.
  19. Nice....

    i want one. maybe the standard version in green with the screen and belly pan. :)
  20. Looks great Zen you lucky bugger!

    Spotted you on it riding with your partner at Albert Park the weekend before last when we were on our way to the Spirit for our Tassie trip. Honked but you must have been too busy listening to the rumble ;)