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My new Street Triple R in sexy, shimmering phantom black

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by missrider, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Will add better pics soon...

    For now an iPhone one will have to do.

    Cheers Anna


  2. Phwoar - Look at that bloke's watch!!!


    Very nice looking bike!

    Fun Ha!
  3. Purrty.

    Welcome to the Triple club. And nice choice of colour, too!
  4. get rid of that blury crap
  5. next time, photo with you on the bike :)
  6. Nice!

    "If it aint black, take it back"

  7. Here's another pic "without that blury crap" lol

  8. V-e-r-y n-i-c-e. I like the gold with the black.
  9. What a sweet looking machine. :)

    (Not that I'm biased at all...)
  10. Nice! It stole the 08 daytona SE's paintjob, I didn't know they existed. What year model is it?
  11. Ta :) 2010 Dealer said i'm one of the first to get one, but he may have just be blowing wind...
  12. Yeah, I've been coveting some of them gold wheels...
  13. Just get yours powdercoated. Then you can match the forks unlike the original gold rims which don't. Irks the shit outta me.
  14. :LOL: I'll get around to it one day...
  15. I may just have to steal those wheels! :p Or powdercoat a set :( What would it cost to buy a separate pair, any ideas!? I asked if I could have these on my 2010 Orange STR & they don't do anything like that :S :(
  16. Gold wheels on orange bike?

    It'd be unique...

    A new set of wheels would probably set you back upwards of $600-700 either from a wrecker or second hand. Powdercoating probably $200ish.
  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Black

    When the day comes I think I'll have to test ride one of these.
  18. Ahh nice. I was in a triumph dealer the other day and I saw a sales guy showing a customer some stripples and i heard him say something about black and gold coming soon and I thought he was talking about daytonas. Makes sense now.
  19. Nice bike and welcome to the awsome world of Trumpy inline 3 cylinders!

    Make the most out of the adjustible suspension.
    I had SW setup my suspension (S3) and it was the best 70 bucks I ever spent.
  20. ok thanks will tee it up with the dealer to have a look at some adjustments on first service, hopefully my belly pan & fly screen will have arrived by then also...