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My new Storm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by scott11006, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I pick my Triumph Thunderbird Storm up on last Friday. Have been for a trip to Sydney and had a ball.


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  2. Awesome! They look great when they're all new and shiny, eh? Congratulations.
  3. very nice!
  4. One word ......... fugunawsum
  5. i thought it looked farkingrouse
  6. OMG i am getting Wet !
  7. They're a nice bike... (y)
    I'm thinking it's time to have a second bike and this is the style I'm looking at...
    Firstly because I do like them and secondly, my other half refuses to get on my current one.
    She says cruisers look safer and it'll force me to corner slower....](*,)

    The rubbish I have to listen to sometimes....](*,)](*,)
  8. But you've been given the green light Joe. Sell a kidney!
  9. Have fitted a Dual Longhaul Touring Seat and bags. The seat has been great so far no complaints from the back.

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  10. very very nice. quite jealous. this is at the top of my list for the upgrade hopefully late next year. probly gonna get the short exhaust tho.
  11. interested to know how much better the longhaul seat is than stock in your opinion?
  12. Dave79 the stock riders seat seamed ok but I didn't do any long trips on it,I would recommend changing to the longhauls seat as it is really good. If you plan on having a pillion the stock pillion seat is not much chop at all, you do need to change the seat and add a sissy bar it has made the wife very happy.
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  13. cool thanks. will have to consider it when the time comes. gotta keep the wife happy! :)
  14. Two words: Farking SWEET!!
    No doubt you will enjoy that bike for plenty a year to come.
    How's the fuel economy is on that monster? It looks like it's got the legs to go for miles on end.
    I very nearly got one of these when I was new bike shopping, but I got cornered by a Roadster and just fell in love :p.
    +1 on getting a touring seat (if you plan on long runs). The stock seat on my Rocket felt like a wooden-plank bench after about 500k's straight - not comfortable at all.