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My new steed!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Macca_Gong, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Well off my P's now, and onto a larger bike

    Brand spanker, 2011 CBR600RR.

    Should do me better on the freeway trips and down to the GP later this year.


    Next to my CBR250R

    Love the leaner market, Took 3 days to sell the 250!
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  2. nice mate like it alot
  3. Very nice steed mate!

    A lot of learners around for the nicer looking bikes.
  4. Nice (y)

    Great bike to move upto!!! feels just like a 250 around town....and great usable power in the twisties!!!
  5. I should mention I have already ordered bit for it before I took delivery haha

    R&G Fender eliminator
    Adjustable levers
    Brake reservoir sock
    Clutch adjuster

    Bought it with a Ventura Mistrail rack as well, Make life easier for me, and doing the GP at the end of October as well
  6. Congrats nice ride
  7. Very nice.

    Careful. I know where you park it at work.

    Well done mate.

  8. good looking bike!
  9. NIceee!

    What'd it cost you??

    Good to see the baby bike works, great marketing for their bigger bikes the 250s.
  10. nice one buddy, exactly the bike and colour pattern im considering getting when im off my Ps
  11. Geese, both those bikes look very familiar (y)
  12. Love the color scheme, looks sweet as. Congrats on the new ride
  13. Well the fender eliminator is on, and So are the ebay adjustable levers, Not as good a quality as the Bikers ones I got for my old 250r, The clutch bolt wouldn't fit in the hole in the lever and the brake one touches the grips a little too soon on the lowest settings.

    Made the hole in the clutch one bigger with a little tool I made for cleaning bore's out, just needed the paint sanded off, it was 0.1mm to small lol measures it with my verniers.


    Used the stock indicators, Don't mind the look of them at all. Just waiting for an OEM wire connector for the brake light to turn up, Just make shifted up the wires for now.