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My new speed triple '11

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sly, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Had my new bike for 2 weeks now, 1,300 kms in, what can I say, blown away! The thing pulls like nothing I've ever been on. It definitely requires a different style of riding compared to the inline 4 I've ridden for the last 5 years. But loads more character and the torque is so addictive, so much so that I'm a little worried for my clean license...

    The handling is completely confidence inspiring. I've ridden most of my usual roads round Sydney (Jenolan Caves, Oberon, Bells line of rd, Kangaroo Valley, Old road, etc.) and laughing the whole way. The new suspension is so composed, tip it into a corner and it stays there until you get on throttle, then just a sheer joy to hear the triple roaring up to 9K revs, love it. It pulls up to a stop in no time at all, those big Brembos are the business.

    I've been looking to buy a new bike for over a year and all the big nakeds had something I didn't really like (including the old speed triple - didn't like the round lights...) and finally found everything and more I was looking for.

    Only issue for now is lack of aftermarket bits. Probably change the pipes, but will wait and see what they come out with.

    So suitably chuffed.

    Speed Triple 2011 L by simonthepom, on Flickr

    photo (1) by simonthepom, on Flickr
  2. Nice bike, all the scribes are raving about it!!
  3. Nice bike - does it feel like a hoon bike... had a mate ride my street triple and he was asking me how i don't get done for speeding on each and every ride...

    PS - What tyres does it come with?
  4. Awesome looking beast.. like it a lot actually. Not usually a fan of naked bikes but this just looks the shit. (y)
  5. Came with Metzler Racetech K3 - they're awesome tyres, can't wait to try them on the track.
  6. Nice,

    Got my test ride booked in ...
  7. Love it... get the Arrows man.. they sound awesome :)
  8. Is her name Speedy?
  9. nice ride, did you get to test ride the street triple as well? any comparisons?
  10. Hooligan bike, yes.

    I bought the bike before even seeing one in the flesh, but after all the "leaking" efforts of Triumph's marketing dept. just knew it was my next bike. Everything I liked about the old Speed Triple, but improved IMO. So the Street Triple wasn't even a consideration to be honest. I know it's a bike I can grow in to with it's power and torque.
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    Found the new exhaust for you.
    Zard full system come in 2 flavours
    Great sound and performance on the older Speed Triple so these version should be more of the same.
    I am really tempted to take a test ride on the new Triple but I'm scared I'll trade in my beloved 06 on the spot.

    P.S. Video :) [URL="
  12. How's the gearbox on the new one? I loved the previous 1050 Triple, but the gear shifts did tend towards being a bit clunky.
  13. Very nice dude.
    Is the 11 a full refresh on the bike or a minor update?
  14. Full refresh. Summary I've read is "It wasn't broke, but Triumph fixed it anyway" ;)
  15. Yeah, lots of revisions across the bike, Geeth. The chassis is redesigned to put more weight on the front wheel, including moving the battery up front. 190mm wide rear tyre now.

    I don't think a whole lot happened with the engine, but eh, engine was doing fine anyway.
  16. Thanks for the info guys.
  17. Quite like the Zard exhaust, especially the conical, it really improves the lines of the bike. Not too sure about the 1-2 V2 exhaust tho, bit odd.

    I find the gearbox very precise, no issues at all with it. My last bike was a Kawasaki with an excellent gearbox and the Speed Triple's is even better - obviously more modern as well.

    There is a front bias as far as weight goes, but overall, it feels very balanced. I remember when I test rode the previous model and the front wheel was in the air every time I twisted the throttle, whereas mine will still do that if you want to but you need to give it a bit more stick. It's exactly as the mags have been saying, it commands respect but is just that bit more civilised. Still stupidly fast, especially from the lights - need to keep an eye out for those safety cameras...
  18. Nice ride mate, congrates!!!!
  19. Saw one of these in the flesh at PS and looked great.

    Definitely on my upgrade list.

    Congrats on the purchase!
  20. Congrats on the purchase - I gotta say I'm glad they finally decided to change the design of the headlights.