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My new sidi boots :(

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by oohsam, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. These are my new boots. 2 months old and the strap that goes over the mid part of your foot is a twisty thing. The twisty thing has come off..Its held in by a little pin and im assuming the pin came out due to viabration on the bike. Now i cant strap it up. Called Peter Stevens whre I bought them and they want the boots to send them back...but I hate riding with out my boots....who knows how long it would take.

    At $600 for a pair of boots, I would expect more. Im just whinging....


  2. sounds to me like you are entitled to whinge.....
  3. Man they are some funky looking boots, can they fix them on the spot?
  4. Yeah. Except I have them in white. They are SCHMICK looking boots.
    and comfy. Too bad they didn't rethink the design on the shackles.

    They cant fix them on the spot. Which is my problem. And knowing my luck i will come off and a lose my foot when they are being repaired. Maybe they can mail me out the part and I can put it back together myself.
  5. @600 bucks I'd be whining too !
  6. $600?!?!

    I'd expect to be able walk on water for that let alone have it fall apart on me
  7. yeah for some reason i thought the money::quality relatinship was close knit. .... How wrong i was.

    They were the most expensive in the shop too. I think its just a braging right now. Or lack thereof.
  8. I also promised my mum I would not be a tighty when it came to safety etc. So its a sons promise to his worrying mother. The least i could do really.
  9. i'm looking at these as a replacement for my current SMX boots.

    might have to look a bit closer at the attachments.

    motoX boots are also an option simply for the increased protection and support......curses to stuffed ankles :evil:
  10. What's the warranty on them? When expensive stuff like that fails on me I demand a brand new item. It's simply unacceptable to have such an expensive item to fail like that, and you don't pay big money to have it sent away to be repaired
  11. Looks like you must be planning a trip to the future with those boots :LOL:

    I'm with jp86, jump up and down and tell them you want a new pair.
  12. Actually this got me thinking back to my law classes, and if I remember correctly, the vendor has a responsibility to provide you with an item that must peform as it was designed to. If this does not occur within the warranty period, then you as a buyer have a right to have the issue resolved to your own satisfaction, and in this case I would be asking for a new pair. I tried looking for the information on the net but wasn't able to find it, maybe someone else could find it.
  13. god damn those boots are sick!
  14. In some cases if the goods are not "fit for purpose" and / or faulty the customer can insist on a refund or exchange.
    Here I would due to the sheer $ value of the goods and the fact that you need a replacement now.

    The link below is to the Consumer Affairs website.

  15. Look on newenough.com
    Cool thing about Sidi boots is you can buy most of the individual parts separatly. So if you don't want to wait for Peter Stephens, which most likely would take weeks. You can probably get it shipped within a week.

  16. except you could have save $100 and got the standard vertigo's, they have 15mm less ankle protection and don't have that stupid strap, problem is continous use of the strap is the problem, everytime you adjust it your creating friction and loosening the plastic around the tiny steel pin, yours are the first i have heard doing it though, several people i know have then and never had such an issue
  17. I got the exact same boots and had the exact same problem, I even got them from PS.....I didn't pay 600 though :wink:

    They are excellent boots and the repair was quick, took em about a week but it didn't bother me as I had a backup pair of boots.

    If I didn't I would demand a refund/exchange immediately
  18. I've got the same boots and I know the pin you speak of. Sounds like you had a faulty pin and I'm pretty sure this will be covered under warranty (12mth warranty comes with the boots). If you're uncertain/concerned, give the guy at McLeod Accessories a call.

    As for price - $600 pair of boots - yep, but I've never had a single problem with mine. You do get what you pay for with these - you get everything they claim to do. There is absolutely no doubt that they saved my lower leg from major injury in an off - I could feel them doing their work in both the heel/ankle areas and the shin area (where the peg impacted). It was a somewhat reassuring feel as I went tumbling down the road. :shock: :LOL:

    Excellent boots and worth every single cent paid for. They are the best road race boots you can get and I'm glad I forked the $$$ out for them. Totally recommend them to all.

    BTW, in reference to Qbn's post above - I've worn these things pretty much every day since I bought them last July (07)and have never had a problem with the adjuster coming loose or anything like that. :)
  19. I've got the same boots :grin: , and I know the pin as well, I have noticed it working its way loose a couple of times since I bought them last year. Luckily I saw it both times before it got too far out and I tucked it back in!
  20. $400 in the states could have saved some $$$$$$