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My New Shoei...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. I got a new helmet, its a Shoei XT1000 piccante.
    Very nice looking helmet. Better fitting than my Shark RXT, and alot lighter but at twice the RRP its not cutting the mustard.

    The visor sticks open, the little toggle for opening it for fogging doesnt work and when it does it opens the left side a smidge but not the right side.
    ITS NOISY AS PHUK. Worse then my Shark.
    I can get my shure earbuds in, but getting the helmet of causes pain.
    The little attachemnt for cliping onto the strap is so annoying.
    The air vents whistle, drives me nuts.....Blu-tac is the answer but renders the vents useless.

    I do like its comfort, vision and weight but the noise, visor and wind piss me right off.

    I did get a very good deal on this helmet so i cant complain as I really like is all in all.
  2. Once again highlighting the perennial problem that trying a helmet on in a shop is nothing at all related to trying it out while riding, which, of course, you can't do :evil:.
  3. I had the same problem when I upgraded helmets.

    The cheapass KBC was much nicer than the (twice the price) AGV. The only things that the AGV has going for it over the KBC is that it's a bit lighter, and the tinted visor is darker. :roll:

    It's one of those things - you can only test a helmet for so long, and even then you can't really test it out on the road, so you don't know until you own it. :roll:
  4. :worthlesspics:
  5. I have found my KBC VR2 is very noisy. :(
  6. My first post here, I've the same helmet as you except it's red kagayama. I just don't have a bike yet since I'm waiting for my Ls course which is a month away.

    As far as I know shoei sells a kit for the chin and neck which is supposed to reduce the noise greatly, maybe you should look into them.
  7. Love the design! I have more of an Arai head, otherwise I might see if we're the same size and buy it off you!

    As for my experiences, my Arai is way comfier and quieter than my old HJC. Just depends on your head, I think.
  8. hey mate, i've got a shoei too xr1000 (not sure if the xt is the new version?)- yes, the vents whistle.

    I've had to resort to earplugs- it's that really high pitch annoying type as well.

    The left side of the lid opening for airflow is just how it is... i find it lets enough air in to demist.

    doing up the clip fastener gets easier after a few rides, I do it without any troubles now.

  9. Welcome Nuff.....the chin thingo Im planning to cunningly steal when I go round to my mates place and the neck thing screws with doing headchecks.....
    I manage with the helmet cos it cost me MONEY but I might look into the chin thing.....

    If you have that same helmet then you are all class like me, good onya :)
  10. +1
    Comfy, but farking noisy
  11. Noisey hey? I didn't realise how noisey it is as I have nothing to compare. I'm glad I didn't buy the Shure headphones if they are hurting your ears when you pull the helmet off. I had that problem with normal sony headphones wearing my XR-1000 but not anymore.

    Not sure if it will help you, but I found these headphones to be quite good. I think the cheaper sennheiser ones also would be ok.

    Oh another thing... the bit where you open it and it only opens one side it will work eventually once the hinge wears in a bit. It used to happen on mine and in winter it was great, still got the airflow to clear the fog but closed enough to keep the warmth in. Also if it's really bothering you that much you can adjust it.
  12. May be head shape but mine doesn't feel worse than other. It is actually quite quiet until I hit about 100Kmh.

  13. Stookie, that is a nice looking helmet, may be you could install a double bubble windscreen on the faring and divert the airflow pattern over the top of your helmet.
  14. i got used to the clip after some rides. try tzr as well. its vents can beclosed and more centralized.
  15. nice helmet hahaha...ive had the same one for about a year, its a Picotte*. pics dont do that paint justice, looks wikkkkkid in reality.
    Mine is reallllly quiet, i guess it doesnt fit your head all that well.
  16. Fancy that, an expensive helmet is not worth the extra money! Funny lots of very experienced riders here have said just that and been ridiculed...........
    But seriously, airflow on your particular bike could well be the problem. My Nolan was deadly silent on teh Z, but is reasonablu noisy on teh GTR, due to airflow off the screen hitting the vents in teh helmet in certain ways.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I've got a Shoei X11 and absolutely love it.

    I have had an AGV, Nolan, MDS and can't fault the Shoei.

    Because of my XS-XXS size head, the other helmets padding beds in and I end up with a helmet that is too big :evil:

    Was worth paying the $$ to get a helmet that actually fits properly.

    I even took the screen off the GS because with a proper fitting helmet I dodn't get the wind buffeting. :grin:

    For a detailed review of the X11, click here

  18. OMG your head IS tiny, can't even see your face through the visor!!
    forget about your head! Look at your neck!! It's pencil thin :p
  19. LMAO, the helmet cant weigh too much if you could hold it up with a neck that skinny. Neck looks a bit stiff too, have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? lol