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My new Shiver

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. My new Shiver - Now with pics

    I might be jumping the gun here, but all going according to plan I should be riding my new Aprilia Shiver home Tuesday.

    After stuffing around since Feb this year I finally got everything together managed to sell my beloved Guzzi and have done a deal. Unfortunately wasn't quick enough to get it through for this weekend and have to work on Monday so Tuesday it is.

    Will post up real pics and more details once she's home. I'm so ***king excited.
  2. shivering with excitement, in fact :LOL:
  3. Just realised Tuesday is cup day. Hope there won't be too many idiots on the road.

    Will look to get it home early.
  4. thank your lucky stars you don't live in Victoria; it's a public holiday down there and you'd have to wait till Wednesday!
  5. Congrats on the purchase robbie55. This bike is pretty much at the top of my list when I get off my restrictions.

    Love the 2010 red/black model with the headlight fairing. What model did you get?
  6. Yeah, I guess it could be worse. Still I always find everyone is in a rush to get pissed and lose all their money on cup day.

    Actually the red/blk was high on my list but there are none available for some time - I couldn't stand to wait more months for the bike to arrive now that I was ready to act.

    Plus I'm saving a bike with a (part) red paint job for my midlife crisis.

    I got the blk/silver frame one. Possibly the most conservative of all the shiver paintjobs but probably more my style anyway.
  7. I think I've nearly fallen for the Shiver . Looking at pics and reviews is making my mouth water .

    I'm in the same boat as ResmeN , my restrictions are not up till mid next year ..
    I guess that will teach me for waiting till I was 35 to get my licence hey !

    Never the less if I was to walk in a Aprilia dealer with a wad of cash or even a pen handy so I could sign up finance I'd be leaving with a Shiver I'd say !!!

    I hope ya enjoy your new mount , ya lucky bugger . lol
  8. Thanks Jason, no doubt you'll fall head over heals when you actually have a chance to test ride. I feel your pain too - I got in to riding at around 32 and after realising how much joy it gives fell into a state of absolute depression when I realised how many years I'd wasted.

    I know the general concensus on here is that the Street Trip R is the pick of the midsize nakeds, but for me it doesn't come close to the Shiver - to each their own.

    This is like the never ending story - see this thread for how long I've been waiting (fartarsing around) https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=110480&highlight=aprilia+shiver

    Was all ready to collect her tomorrow but unfortunately now have to wait till Thursday. You'd think after all this time it would be no big deal to wait another couple days but now that I have finally committed I just to ride it.
  9. Shivers a shiver they're all nice. Probably when I intend to buy the dealers bike stocks will be the same as these bikes come in limited quantities down under so I'll probably pay a small deposit place an order and then have plenty of time to sell my bike while waiting for the new bike to arrive.

    I know what you mean by wanting to buy right away and not wait.
  10. 32 & 35 is still young. I started riding when I was 28. Better later than never. So did you confirm you wanted the shiver before your test rides or after. I only ask cause I really like the bike and despite some other bikes getting good reviews I can only see myself steering towards the shiver.

    Agree with your remarks about the street triple as it may have some advantages against the shiver in certain departments but looks wise the shiver is in a league of its own.
  11. Yeah the Shiver is far and away a better looking bike. I couldn't own a STR regardless of its reviews etc. The shiver speaks to me and I would have always regretted not getting it. I think Triumph put more effort into the paint colours and finish than the actual styling of the bike which is a shame, but there are obviously many that don't feel this way and the best of luck to them.

    When I first took the shiver for a test ride earlier in the year I wasn't really in the market for a new bike. I was just hanging around and was offered a ride which I took, of course. It was only then I knew I had to have it.

    To be honest I can't test ride a bike (or car for that matter) and deal there and then. I have no poker face and would end up paying sticker price and on road and luggage and this and that etc. I test ride, leave with all the pamphlets, pricing and business cards, wait at least 24 hours then, read reviews, get prices from other stores, annoy the distributors, find forums about the bike and read through the problems, ask for thoughts of other netriders, then get back in touch with the dealer and either hang around in the store or on the phone till I get what I want.

    All I can say is when you are off restrictions take it for a test ride, you may hate it but I'll bet you'll love it.
  12. I started reading up on the Shiver a bit on the Aprilia forums .
    What do you think of some of the electrcal problems etc some owners have had ?
    I know anything can go wrong on any bike at any time , just concerns me a little and myself living approx 1.5 hours from nearest dealer does bare on my mind.
  13. Fortunately I have a couple of dealers close to me so hopefully getting any problems that may arise fixed won't be an issue. I've also spoken to the distributors and am satisfied that they intend to stick by their product and hold a reasonable amount of parts in stock. This was previously raised as an issue by someone on netrider who waited I think 5 months for a part.

    As a back up though you can get a lot of parts from AF1 (?) in the states and I have family in Italy should I need to source any parts direct. TBH my Guzzi and Vespa were more reliable than my two suzuki's (GS500 and SV650) so I think any bike is capable causing grief. In my limited experience I've found my Italian bikes will complain first letting you know they need some love. The Suzuki's were the opposite and kept going as if nothing was wrong and then simply died on me in the worst possible spot.

    Italian bikes or cars for that matter are not known for the quality of their electrics but it has been mentioned that you take some measures such as coating connections to reduce the chance of electrical problems arising.

    I probably would have some concerns too about a dealer being far from me, maybe send me a PM when you are ready to buy and let you know if I've encountered anything. Maybe also get on to Grumply as well he's got a shiver and I'm sure would be happy to provide some feedback.
  14. Yeah thanks for that , I might take you up on that offer when I get closer to buy time .
  15. Mine has just been through her first (fairly wet) Melbourne winter with me. Now granted I try to hide her under cover whenever possible, but I'm not overly precious and do ride her in lighter rain, she's also been rained on whilst parked outside plenty of times - and I haven't had a single electrical issue to date (touch wood).

    Several shiver owners in wetter climes have waterproofed their electrical connections and not had any issues since doing so.

    I've got to say that on the whole, the shiver seems to be thoroughly reliable both mechanically and electrically. The only real concern you need to factor in is Aprilia spare parts availability (my personal saga of which still continues) - it can take a LOOOOOONG time to get spares - which isn't a deal-breaker when you've got a nice reliable bike, but it's the main 'negative' point to consider.

    In future I'll be sourcing all of my spare parts from AF1 in the US (who are terrific). You can get parts a tad cheaper from Europe, but AF1 tends to actually have them in stock. Which eliminates the main grumble I've had with mine.

    The shiver's just a beautiful all-round motorcycle, so easy to live with day-to-day and an absolute delight out on a proper ride through the twisties. I honestly can't recommend her highly enough. Awfully easy on the eyes too! :D
  16. Thanks very much for your experience , I have been running the idea of the Shiver through my mind the last few days and have to say it is at the top of my list .
    It seems to have a spark that grabs my attention for sure .

    I look forward to hearing you guys continued journey's with your Shiver's .
  17. Robbie after all these threads I m hanging out to see your pics
  18. Finally picked her up this afternoon. Will spend more time tomorrow giving my thoughts on her but for the moment I have ridden her from Richmond to Dulwich Hill and am thoroughly convinced I have chosen the right bike for me.

    So finally - here are the pics

    Attached Files:

  19. Was trying to load a couple more but this slow as (apparently 3g) wireless modem is boring me. I'm going back out to be with my bike.

    Done now

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  20. Congrats mate! Must feel good to finally have her home :D

    Now your first step is to take a dremel to that rear end and clean her up some:


    Then cut a plain steel bracket in half and use it to raise the attachment points for your licence plate:


    And voila! A much nicer derrière:


    You can either throw your rego sticker under the seat (that's what I've done) or pick up a rego-tube from the bike shop for $10 and attach it to the top of your licence plate (where it'll be tucked out of the way.