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My new scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Amanda, May 8, 2006.

  1. I've only posted on here once, but now I have my scooter I thought I'd let you all know what I eventually decided on.

    Drumroll please.
    I am the proud owner of an Aprilia Sportcity 200cc. I collected it Saturday.

    This was my original on paper favourite, but after I saw it up close I thought it looked a little big for me. But after I test rode it I couldn't resist!

    So please be kind to the lady wearing the black & yellow jacket on the silver Sportcity with the L plates zipping around the Northern Beaches. I'm new to 2 wheels :grin:
  2. Hi Amanda, Congrats on the new Scooter and welcome to the forum. :)
  3. Welcome Amanda, those Sportcity scooters can sure get along :grin:
  4. nice bike. i rode one a few weeks ago. felt really great. i was close to buying one but decised to hold off and try out the PGO (Bolwell) G-Max 250 when it arrives in the country later in the year.

    when you've had a good few weeks of breaking in and fun you should maybe write a review on the aussie scooter forum - http://www.aussiescooters.com/forum/
  5. hey congrats Amanda

    i only just got rid of my SportCIty. They are a great scoot, but i decided to change to a bike. I still miss the scoot though. They are just so easy in the city.

    Enjoy and stay safe.
  6. good choice Amanda. A great scoot!
  7. Thanks guys.

    Alice, I gave some thought to the Honda Forza 250cc. A friend who's been getting around on 2 wheels for as long as I can remember recommended it to me. But when I checked it out I just wasn't confident in my ability to handle something that big at this stage.
    So far I'm really happy with the Aprilia! I now have 100km's+ up on it.