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My New S1000RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dmak, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. After many sleepless night from the day the order was place...i got to pick this up on one of the best weekends in Melbourne....beautiful weather for riding on both Saturday and Sunday!!!


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  2. Perfect time to pick up a new bike, heading into Spring.
    Another beautiful day to be out on the bike today too!!

    Congrats and enjoy the new ride :biker:
  3. Fvcking jealous. Beautiful, stunning piece of machinery. Well played sir, may you enjoy many happy day onboard!
  4. Congrats on the purchase! (y)

    I've seen them up close and they're magnificent bikes. Love the color combo too.
  5. Thanks Danco! It was quite tempting to call in a sickie today....but the boss knew abt the new bike (I should have kept my mouth shut last week) ](*,)
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  6. Thanks Set!
  7. Thanks Lazy Libran! My colour of choice is usually red, but this just caught my eye...and in the twisties it feels like my old 600!!!
  8. Very nice bike, but i gotta say it.... has anyone told BMWs head Motorcycle designer to get some medical help for his mild stroke?

  9. Good choice! Have a spare pair of jocks when you've run the motor in and have a real go at that insane top end power!
  10. I always thought they were fugly
    Rode this brand new one today....who gives a toss what it looks like. Just an amazing bike, big congrats mate.
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  11. I quite like BMW's asymmetrical headlights.
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  12. Nice......

    Lucky sod!

    Enjoy her.

    That is all...
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  13. Just take her out for a spin during your lunch break ;)
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  14. Thanks mate! Coming from a 600 and only ridden 3 other litre bikes (just up and down a street, cuz they didn't belong to me)...a bit intimidated....but at the moment rev limiter is at 9k untill the 1000km service....I have been warned several times about what to look forward to :)
  15. Thanks Bretto61! When this model first came out, i was quite captured by the asymmetrical design....what the deal breaker for me was, it felt like my 08 600rr in the twisties (interms of flickability), well priced, comfortable seating position, smooth power delivery and the missius said I could have it....
  16. I gotta agree. I thought they were weird at the start but the more I look at it, the more beautiful it becomes

    Congrats on the awesome bike, I remember first seeing pics of these when they came out and I absolutely fell in love
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  17. Unfortunately I only get half hour lunch breaks :(
  18. On that bike its about 100km ride then....:)

    Nice bike....is #2 on my list after the K1300S (better for longer distances)

    Cheers Spocky
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  19. I'm a big fan of the asymmetrical lights also! Would really like to try a S1000RR one day.
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  20. Very cool.
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