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My new Rjays rack bag is awesome

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jace, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. For chrissie i was given an RJAYS Expandable explorer rack bag and I'm stoked with it. I think the reason I was given the bag as a chrissie prez was because of our trip last year when we toured two up for 10 days with a standard ventura bag we could take hardly anyfink.
    I'm amazed at what we could fit in the new bag and when RJAYS say expandable they mean it. My wife and I went to the falls festival down in tassie on the bike last year and we were a bit worried that we were going to struggle for space.

    With a bit of ingenuity we were able to fit:
    1 six man tent
    2 sleeping bags
    1 queen size expandable air mattress
    1 ground sheet1 pair of shoes each
    1 pair of thongs each (no not the underwear type :p )
    and heaps of clothes.
    I couldn't believe it :shock: this bag is awesome. It has a pocket so you can slip it over the frame of the rack and it even comes with its own rain coat! All for just over 100 bucks at bikemart. mmm bikemart :grin:
    Didn't get any photos of it all loaded up on to the TRX but with the missus and that bag on the bike the front tyre didn't get much wear :)
    here's a few pics for you
    bag size difference
    bag size difference
    expanded bag as a backpack
    unexpanded with a shoulder strap
    no rain for you
    bag with strap
    minus the front bag but with an extended side pocket.
  2. Good to hear. Grabbed one last week but have not had the chance to use it yet. Looks unbeatable for the price.
  3. How "Heavy Duty" is it compared to a Ventura Bag ?
  4. The construction of the bag is sturdy. Seems to be of thicker construction than a Ventura bag but unfortunately still prone to the same discolouration problems as the ventura bags.
    Jafu has the same/similar bag to this one and it's done the same sort of browning as my ventura bag.
  5. Apparently Ventura have fixed this problem recently. Question, does the Rjays bag fit on the rack like a Ventura bag? If not how does it attach? Nice size bag by the way.
  6. Yeah it fits over the rack. It has the same sort of pocket type slip system as the ventura bags do.
  7. Looks nice, how much is the rack?
  8. I've got the city one which is basically the same but not expandable, still it's quite big so I can imagine just how big the explorer is. I've had no probs with it yet but as I said in another thread it's not a high quality constructed product but for the price I ain't complaining.
  9. Depends on the bike. I have a ventura rack that came with my bike when I bought it. I think brand spankers racks are usually in the $200 - $300 bracket.
  10. I have a 56l ventura rally bag, and if you can't fit it inside, you don't need to take it!.

    I bought the bag on ebay for $80, a rack for $20, and made my own mounts for 10$.

    Survived over 5000 kms so far!

    And the weight is over the ctr of the rear wheel, not behind the bike!. Doesn't affect the handling at all.

    So much easier than a tank bag, although you can't see any maps while riding!

    Would recommend that style of bag to anyone!
  11. fantastic guys, I'm picking one up tomorrow morning

    Cheers :grin:
  12. Finally got to use the rjays a couple of weeks ago. Did a fantastic job with heaps of room to spare. All the valuables went into the bum bag which is very easy to get off & on so at stops it was with me all the time.
  13. Hipster Doofus - what did you do for mounts?

    I made my own, as ventura quoted a long wait, and a high price.
  14. Mounts? What mounts? The bag slips over the backrest then has two straps to tie it down onto the luggae rack. That's about it.
  15. There you go - I have the M50, and no backrest, so added a rack.