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My new ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TarmacSamurai, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Not sure if anyone really cares, but here's my new bike:


    I picked it up this afternoon and went for a blat up the Blue Mountains. I'm in biker heaven!


  2. Good stuff, looks awesome.. :twisted:
  3. bewdiful mate...................now ya just gotta resist the full twist for while.

    Run her in "normal" like and don't forget to run up and down thru the gears.

    I reccomend an oil and filter change at about 80k's and another at about 600k's


    congrats....................I know you can't stop going and looking at her right now and just stand and stare and enjoy!!!!

  4. Nice Grunt machine there... congrats... :grin:
  5. Enjoy! Go easy until you're used to the arm dislocating torque :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Thanks, folks. I'm taking it easy while I get used to it and while it settles down. I'm not nearly close to full throttle use yet (even after 250kms today) and I already nearly went through time. Twice.
  7. wow, looks like a real beast!
  8. I remember the first time I rode this beastie's grand-father, down across the Coppins Crossing in Canberra! I came home with my arms about 4 inches longer :shock:!

    Great bike, mate, enjoy!
  9. Noice bike, enjoy :)
  10. Must be the season for big black naked muscle.
    Nice bike and great colour.
  11. My VTR250 wants too look like that when it grows up :grin:
  12. Yes please. :grin:
  13. Dam yeah nice naked bike man, and they look so evil in black! Well done and wish you many years of fun on her! :wink:
  14. Nice Bike there :!: :)
  15. For the last ten years I've been riding an old 1985 XJ900. I've been hanging for one of these for so long and I reckon this one is the best version yet. I'll have this grin stuck on me for months!
  16. Love your bike TarmacSamurai. Its great seeing all these new bikes. Congratulations.