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My new ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nocker, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Well not exactly.... It just felt so different.

    I had an ingrown toe nail for about 6 months and finally bit the bullet and got it cut out by the doc last week. During my "healing time" I couldn't ride my GPX.

    Since I bought my bike last year I have ridden every day. So anyway today was the first day that I was able to ride again.

    It felt so strange! I'm 6 foot and 100kg so I'm not little anyway, but I felt like a giant gorilla on the little 250.

    I'm usually extremely cirticaly of myself and usually think that my gear changes are horrible. But this wasn't the case. I thought that my gear changes were surprisingly quite smoothe. :shock:

    It was great to be riding again. :cool:

    P.S. Just some irrelevent info... it was my left foot so gear changes were quite painful before.
  2. Hi Nocker

    I've got the exact same bike, same year and colour, and I am 6"1 and 85KG

    I like the feel on the bike, being bigger and I feel very in control of the weight

    When I wear boots I feel my gear changes are not as crisp to when I wear sneakers, not sure if that is me or the bike

    I sure am looking upgrading to a bigger Kawasaki when I go unrestricted
  3. I got two questions about this for you (or anyone else).

    1. when you say "crisp" what exactly do you mean? I don't really know what I'm meant to hear/feel but I am not happy with a gear change if it "clunks" into gear. If I change gears and it seamlessly, smoothly changes I'm happy with the change.

    2. When you are going hard round a left corner and you are wearing boots, do your boots scrape on the ground? I've found this to happen several times and am at the point that when I'm going hard I'll take my foot out from between the peg and the gear shifter and hold it over the gear shifter. I don't know where else to put my foot? I used to instinctively react to the scrape by pulling my foot up, which actually shifted up a gear a few times.
  4. foot

    well riding a bike quick around corners isn't about sitting on it like a lump and just tipping the handlebars. :LOL:
    Going quick is all about being able to move around on the bike and not meaning you have to get your knee out and have it dragging...
    braking, accelerating and cornering all change depending on where your body weight is.
    If you find your boot is dragging then quite simply move it. If your coming up to a bend at speed and you are pretty sure you'll scrape just move your foot back slightly so the ball of your foot is on the peg.
    Or just drag your foot makes the boots look alot less new and you get to show off those scrapes.
  5. And I thought my 98 red GPX was unique !

    I suppose this means we constitute a motorcycle gang or something.....
  6. heh,
    when i had a toenail removed back in '00 i rode to the surgery, had it done, and rode home (with heavily anesthetized toe/foot) .
    3hrs later i was driven back to doctor in excruciating agony, requiring pain medication :oops:

    was a good idea to stay off the bike ;)
  7. I have a red GPX 1998 as well. Exactly the same. Hehe. That's funny. :grin:
  8. I got mine with 6500k's on it in October and it new has 19800k's on it. :cool:
  9. I had the same thing done once. After 6 months of trying to make it heal up (which was basically toe torture on a weekly basis), I got it cut out....the relief was bliss :grin:
  10. You look like a giant cause GPX is more of an upright bike. If you had a CBR250 where your always in the riding position, you wouldn't look like a giant. Oh well, each to thier own i guess.
  11. im 6'5 or 6'6 somewhere on the gpx, the bike looks tiny under me
  12. Gearchanges are a funny thing... one day I'm slick and clean, every change spot on, then the another day it can feel like I'm a ham fisted (footed?) shredder of cogs. I have no idea why :?

    Oh and for once it's a good thing to be a relative shortass, I'm 5" 8' and my GPX fits just fine, mine's a black '96 with the purple and blue graphics. More power would be nice though.

  13. Erm... the words "Kawasaki Gearbox" come to mind......
  14. meh you can grind any box... just ask any gemini and escort drivers...
  15. That is exaclty what I was doing!

    Although every time my wife walked in the room she would just turn and leave with the same statement "That makes me SICK" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sure it wasn't pretty but it had to be done.... right? I was more scared of having more pain from the doc.

    Is that really true? Is the Kawa gear box know to have "issues"?
  16. Actually the word "uncoordinated" comes to mind

    Dunno about Gemini boxes, but I know escort ones go BANG! when you try to shove 175 bhp through them. :roll: