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My New Ride

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by alice, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. well, after months of reading reviews, road tests, forums, etc and narrowing my options to a not so narrow choice ranging from a vmoto monaco up to a vespa gts250 i finally went for a vespa gt200. i picked it up on saturday.

    i had a spin on a few scooters including the bug espresso, aprillia sportcity, pgo g-max 150, and a few others and the gt200 was just the sweetest of all of them, and gave me more than enough leg room, which none of the other bikes did.

    the sportcity was a beauty too but the steep rise in the saddle back to the pillion section meant i couldn't slide back enough to get really comfy.

    anyway, here's some pictures.


  2. nice looking scoot.

    so when you fitting the sports exhaust??
  3. yeh good choice!
    i had that bike for a weekend to test out. Was very easy to ride, very zippy. Although the GT250 looks pretty good as well.

    Congrats alice
  4. Nice scoot, if I lived int he inner city and decided to buy one a vespa 200 or 250 would be the go. Of course I would get the red one, it goes faster!
  5. Hey Al,

    Congrats mate, great stuff. You will have a blast i'm sure. Welcome to two wheels.

    I'm really missing my scoot. I'm just trying to convince myself that i can get a scoot and keep the bike as well! I'm looking at a PX200, as i like the old school style and teh manual 2 stroke motor.

    Yeah the GT200 is a great bike for sure and i know when i was looking it was hard to justify an extry thou for the GT250.

  6. matti-san the gt200 doesn't come in a red, although the gts250ie does and is the top of the range, nice scoot alice, and duffman the px200 is the old school look & feel i really like, 4 speed manual on the handlebar - classic stuff.
    Vespa is the only brand of scoot i would touch, i would like to buy one soon, not new but collectable, not to ride but to put in storage for their appreciation qualities, Vespa stuff from the 60's is highly sought after.
    Vespa 180 SS, 1965
    Vespa 125, 1966
    Vespa 125 Primavera, 1968
    Vespa 180 Rally, 1968
  7. So true DuHast,
    I've been looking round for a while at some old Vespa's but the restored ones your looking at a good 6g's and i just cant justify that. As much as i like the oldies, thinking logically given that i'd use mine, i'm leaning towards the PX for 6,000 ride away.
  8. Thank you duhast oh wise one. :grin:
  9. i was close to going for a px200 a few months back but i wasn't that satisfied with the ride.

    we used to thrash an old px150 around the old neighbourhood when we were kids but all the nostalgia in the world couldn't pry my hands off the gt :)
  10. so this is a 200cc 4 stroke manual?

    just curious as to how much it was???

    looks good, but i am more of a fan of the plastics!
  11. I would love to get myself a new black PX 200 or a dark green one :grin: