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My New Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dan_man_x, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Well, today is the day. The 2000 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator is mine! I've just gotten back from riding my new bike home to Geelong from Ballarat. It was a great ride. I took it easy and made quite a few stops, taking about 3 and a bit hours to do it. My wife ran support in the car for the first hour or so.

    The best part, the nod from the guy on the cruiser about 15 mins into the ride. I am now a cool-a$$ motorcycle dude... rock on. I was practicing my nod all the way home...

    My gear held up really well. The only part of me that was feeling the cold was my feet. Does anyone know anything to help with that? It wasn't so bad, but a tad on the uncomfortable side. The helmet was pretty good. I don't think wind noise was any problem as I was concentrating too much. There were a few spits of rain at times, but no great dramas. I got my first bug on the helmet! Isn't it interesting being proud of all the small "firsts" when you're starting out?!

    I forgot to do up my helmet once, and I learnt the value of that little elastic loop used to put the strap away. It really hurts when its whipping around in the wind.

    Power-wise, the bike poses no problems. The rumour is that it might be power restricted, so I'll get that checked out at the next service. The bike rides really nicely. My butt was really feeling the bumps after a while on the seat, but a little shift was enough to fix it a little.

    All the cars were courteous and I had no problems. I still need to get my little "L" plate so that cars don't think "what the hell is he DOING?". He he... But, I'm all set for communting to work on Monday to Melbourne. I'm taking a test run tomorrow and I might practice some slow riding manouvers this arvo...

    Pics to come when I can be bothered to stop riding and take some photos!

    Cheers! :D

  2. Holeproof Explorer socks are highly recommended to ward off frostbite of the toes.
  3. congrats on your investment Dan.

    Safe Riding :)

  4. Next thing you know he'll be nodding at posties (oops, better not start THAT thread again!! :eek: )
    Congrats old son, savour the day!
  5. HEY GREG, it's not THAT disappointing, mate!!!!!
  6. Well done on the ride home mate.... when you start nodding at riders and your in the family car, then you know there aint no going back.
  7. Congrats and welcome mate

    Cheers 8)
  8. A blast from the past.

    I have to stand up for knitted pure wool socks. Better insulation. Bushwalking shops have them. The Explorers are 50% nylon.
  9. good onya mate. what sort of boots do you have? could be the problem if you dont have the correct footwear. take care out there mate.
  10. Well done mate, glad to hear you've got yourself a bike :)

    You're in the club, so to speak :)
  11. well done dan - now what we all need is some nice weather and some buddies to meet up with on the road - happy & safe cruisin