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My new ride :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mroads75, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Here's my new ride, Honda V25 Shadow...... :applause::applause:


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  2. Cool, love shadows, enjoy :)
  3. Nice ride and color
    have fun stay safe.
  4. Why is the person in the background missing a leg?
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  5. It's nice
  6. Hmmm yes that is a bit creepy hey? :-k
  7. they lost it in a motorbiking accident. Those things are dangerous..
  8. Wasn't you previous ride blue as well?

    It does look very cool.
  9. Is a little on the odd side... Nice looking bike though :)

    I heard that too... But I think thats just what the TAC wants us all to think...
  10. nice looking ride love the blue enjoy :)
  11. Same colour as the Hornet and the VFR. It's called Candy Tahitian Blue...
  12. Omg. I just bought a bike that looks identical to this one. I wonder if it's the same bike.
  13. If there's a one legged person standing around in the background, you should be worried. ;)

    Nice wheels mroads75mroads75. There's a few active riders down your way now.
  14. With the OP being over 3.5 years ago if it is the same bike I would think it would have a few K's on it ;), nice looking ride either way
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  15. Necromancy of the month award to KabduKabdu
  16. Nice looking bike, hope you manage to get out over the long weekend and get some k's on it