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My new ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by positron007, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Picking this up next week sometime. Hopefully Friday at the latest


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  2. Ah, now I see the reason for your post in MY 'My New Bike' thread :rofl:

    Congrats on getting one of the benchmark bikes of the day (y)

    (psst, you're not allowed to have pics or adverts in your sig)
  3. What! What are you gonna do with your CB400!
  4. I love the CB400. I am not sure I can sell it. I am a sentimental guy. Hahaha
  5. Straight to the p0rn section me thinks.

    Oh and what is it BTW? I have looked at Beemers before but none that look like this.
  6. It is a special order. It has to be modified.
    It is basically an S1000RR converted to a naked street fighter
  7. have seen the s1000rr in the flesh down here but not the naked version, looks nice, congrats!
  8. Does look COOL! (y)

  9. They do that ???

    Omg !
  10. That is quite the looker, do they detune the engine for more low down torque or is it untouched?
  11. Interested about the motor!

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  12. No detuning. Its is exactly the same as the S1000RR just with fairing removed, new light, and new bars.

    EDIT: So much bloody torque already, no need to detune for more torque, plus there is a further weight reduction by removing the fairing. If anything I wish it had less torque not more. Shitting my pants. It is a good thing it has rain mode
  13. Wow! That's exciting, congrats! :D
  14. What year is the bike?
  15. I like it, I like it a lot
  16. Wow mate, I really thought you'd go the Speed Triple. You'll be miles ahead if we do another GOR trip.

    This is a very sexy bike though. Very jealous.
  17. Just a little step up from a CB400 ?? :) Looks very sleek, enjoy!
  18. For the people who are not familiar with this bike it is a inline 4 cylinder producing 193Hp, 112Nm of torque and weighs 204kg with a full tank of fuel (or 183kg dry).
    So it is basically 1000hp per tonne of motorcycle
  19. Can I ask you guys a question?
  20. Is it ok to tell an April Fools joke on Friday the 13th of April?
    Or will I die a thousand painful deaths?