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My new ride.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by cazzo, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Well I said good bye to the 600 Monster and my restrictions and a few days later ended up with this. I was looking for an 848 but an experienced mate encouraged me to try a 1098 first. I ended up buying the 1098 as I believe I can grow into this bike and I'll be less likely to want to upgrade if I had purchased the 848.
    I've covered around 250k's on it as I've had it just on a week and Melbourne weather isn't too nice a the moment. All I can say is WOW! This is an incredible bike, with so much potential and ability. I highly doubt there would be too many people out there that can push one of these 10 tenths and if there is I tip my hat to you.

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  2. niccceeeeee
  3. /jealousy. How is the change from the upright position of the monster to the sports stance, take a while to get used to it?
  4. Sweet ride, congrats
  5. we should be so lucky :(

  6. Why does she remind me of that old adage, "a lady in the daytime and a whore at night"

    very very noice
  7. now if you could just get her to do the washing up as well, you'd have it made :LOL:
  8. =P~
    Can I ride pillion? just once?
  9. I thank you for providing me with some eye candy tonight.

    Awesome bike man (y)
  10. wow what a sweet ride, hope u manage to get the most out of it! 1098s are the bikes that finally convinced me to go get my license-in the hope that one day ill be able to own one. ur living my dream mate, enjoy :)
  11. Should be in the motorcycle p0rn thread, cazzo. LOL. Very nice.
  12. Thanks peeps, yes hard work and saving will get you there. I just hope my confidence doesn't outgrow my ability and I get to explore the bike as I become familiar with it.
    As far as riding position goes, it's ok. I pulled up pretty good after a fair first ride, mainly tired wrists but this will go once I work on better core strength.
    Pillion, sure! Any females between the age of 30 and 35 need apply, size 10 and under and no taller than 170cm's, please send applications via PM :D
    Just installed, white LED parkers as the yellow look of the standard glove doesn't cut it and I did the main beam HID conversion as the standard light output is pathetic, looks to have made a huge difference. Now need to find a clutch cover I like to release the Ducati sound with the thump from the Termi's!
  13. Congrats cazzo..very nice mate.
    Enjoy the new wheels (y)
  14. Very very NICE! Enjoy.
  15. An absolutely gorgeous looking bike...this is going to be my next soon i get off my Ls.. Njoy riding it mate,,
  16. First bit of bling for the latte' machine.
    I also got stainless springs and bolts.

  17. should have got a cup holder first ..nice bike
  18. you already but thought I'd say it too, very nice looking bike, enjoy your sweat n tears and hope it beings lots of smiles to make up for it..
  19. Thought I'd put a recent pic up of the Duc. I've done some mods over the last 12 months.
    Including Woodcraft 2 piece, 1" riser clip on's, T-Rex slider kit, Matte black front fender, Oberon clutch slave cylinder, rim tapes and the latest being the lower fairing in matte black and the decal.

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  20. Nice upgrade :)