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My new ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by coffee guru, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Just picked up my new ride today and just didnt want to stop riding!


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  2. absolutely love it!!! :D
  3. Very nice, is it the 900 or the 1200? My friend has had a few buells, I like them alot
  4. harley sportsbike :D
  5. OH WOW! what a bike!!!!

    dude she's beautiful!! got a name yet? love her :D
  6. wow, interesting looker, actually liking it though
  7. think i saw this in ftgully sat or sun real head turner well done
  8. Its the 900, loads of torque but can up the revs through the gears. I am already looking at mods! \\:D/
  9. am i the only 1 that doesn't like it? sorry bloke, congrats on your buy though
  10. Yep, quite possibly. I love it, got no idea how they ride though, I just know I want to try one one day.
  11. Not enough ghey chrome for you Goz? :p

    Coffee guru, as far as I know the factory computer in it allows you to map it from your laptop like a powercommander. Get the HD race pipes/high flow airfilter and download a tune to suit, ideally get a tune for 95 or 98 octane fuel. In the states they have really low octane fuel so it would most likely be tuned for that, there would be a big gain there.
  12. Forget about having kids riding a buell, they shake like shit, can't be good for the ball bags lol
  13. Im not interested in having kids but all that shaking makes me want to practice alot though!
  14. With no disrespect, I'm a little with goz on this one....
    Maybe if the fat grey part of the frame was black??
    (he says with photoshop trial in mind..lol)
  15. None taken, i want to turn it into this:

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  16. My mind is becoming female and changing..... :D
  17. they say beauty is in the eye of the beerholder...but congrats to you on riding something you love!! i can only be jealous of that fact alone!
  18. Ok so some mod updates, new textured seat, wind deflectors, frame pucks and plates!

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  19. Is it just the pics or are that a pair of gapping chicken strips?

    Loving the buell though mate. I just got myself a poor mans buell (VTR1000F)!