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My new ride,

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by deadman, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. What do you think of my new ride,


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  2. the missus' new ride, you mean :LOL:
  3. You had to say that, I was hoping to wind them up, hahhahahahaha

    The avatar has not changed.
  4. sorry, I thought you had mentioned this purchase a week or two ago :oops:
  5. I did, But she is not my Missus,
    A lot of peeps would not remember, Hahahaha

    Will try for the Jindy run on it,
  6. If it's still working for you, or her, then good luck with it. Just check over things regularly, such as making sure the back brake is still there, the front brakes work, engine has oil in it rather than oil having engine in it. Also if they still come with shinko's I would recommend changing before the thing tries to kill either of you.
  7. I am no novice.
    I have been riding a long time,
    And I learnt my mechanics from A grade Solo speedway riders,
  8. I don't doubt you, just the bike. Those things I listed are commonly known hyo problems. The front brake not working, not so much, just working very poorly. However, the back brake has a history of randomly seizing on the rotor and then exploding as it takes more energy than it can handle. Their engines also seem to do away with oil as fast as females do away with your money, or just make a habit or shaving the piston slowly into the sump. The shinko's are just crap.

    I hear that aquila's are supposed to be a bit more reliable than the gt250r which is somewhat ironic, so between you and the bike you may not have any troubles.
  9. I went through the Hyo World wide web site, and asked what problems the 250 Hyo cruiser had from people who had ridden one for at least 30,000 klms, Plenty of replies.

    The only problem they came up with was a shit clutch cable, they stretch, $20-00 dollar after market one cures the problem,

    It was the same with Jap Crap when they first came on the market 40 years ago, Every one bagged them as crap,
    Yes, They did have elastic suspension, But they sorted those problems out, They now win all the GP races, But they still get called Crap. ????????????????????? DUHHH.

    But they left the English bikes we were riding for dead when it came to reliability.
    Harleys came with a Ute to get them home,

    The baggers, I ask them how long they rode or owned one of the bikes they were hanging crap on.

    Its usually, never owned one or ridden one, Well how do you know its crap.

    Your talking through your Backside,

    And yes, All manufacturers have lemons from time to time,

    81 or 82 Triumph 650 Bonnieville, it disintegrated as my mates rode them along the road,
    My 1968 Bonnie, top end rebuild every 10,000 miles or so, Honda 750 four, 80,000 klms before you touched the motor, and that was a very thrashed one,

    Never owned one or ridden them, But I have heard some horror storys of the Hyo sports Bikes, different motors entirely to the cruisers,

  10. You sure?

    I owned a gt250r (the "sports bike" version) for 14'000 km and a bit over a year. In that time it needed two rebuilds. I only bothered with one. It burnt through most of an engine's worth of oil in 1.5k km. Only got 14'000 k's as it was unridable for 6 months while saving to get it rebuilt. Sold it as soon as it started to drink the oil again.

    Yes, by people who ride harleys mostly. People who have actually progressed beyond the first fire understand that in the 40 years, things have been properly sorted. Hyosung have had 4 or 5 years on the international market. Is that enough? maybe, maybe not.

    As I did say though, I hear that the cruiser version has a better reputation that the sportsbike model. I didn't realise that they have completely different motors.

    So, again, I hope it treats you well, and be on the look out, just in case.
  11. Thanks Lilley,
    Good to know what can go wrong, I will keep an eye on them, catch them before they go wrong,
    I just read a write up of a noob that rode an early GT 250 from Melbourne to Perth, blocked vent his only problem.

    But like I said, all Manufacturers make lemons from time to time, One particular Honda 250 sports is a peice of shit,
  12. I had one of these for a year while learning - 9000km, only problem of note I had was the charging system being a bit weak and a very slight oil leak.

    It wasn't perfect but great to learn on.

    If you happen to get a good one they're quite good but there are horror stories...
  13. nice bike brian, im sure its a nice change from the bird :p
  14. Needs 30cm risers
  15. If she is happy on it, thats all that matters, happy rider partners means more time riding