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My new ride...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. :dance: 2008 Honda CFB1000 :dance:

    Cannot get the smile off my face!

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  2. Very nice, black too!!
  3. That is a very nice looking bike. I look forward to being able to make a similar post in the near future, but not with something that new unfortunately.

    Well done. :D
  4. Very nice bigchief...and yes, awesome in black (of course I'm biased) :)
  5. Very nice bike. Is the CFB1000 a new model?
  6. congrats mate :)
  7. No wonder youre smiling.
  8. Congratulations bigchief, I'm sure you going to have heaps of fun riding your new bike.
  9. Gratz on the new bike mate - enjoy.
  10. I hope this will give you really satisfying performance. :)

    Sydney day tour
  11. Thanks Guys! Took it up Macquarie Pass last weekend. What a blast! Such an incredibly nimble and smooth bike.

    ResmeN - I'm not sure how 'new' the CBF1000 is to the Honda line-up. An article I found said:
    For Honda, the CBF1000 is a continuation of its 'Just Fit' theme, which kicked off in 2004 with the CBF600, a model which never made it to Oz. The Europeans can't get enough of naked middleweights, but Honda thought some were put off by the Hornet 600's perceived aggressive edge.

    So the CBF600 was born – basically a watered-down Hornet, with a high degree of adjustability, in terms of rider ergonomics.

    Now the CBF1000 continues the theme, in a more potent but still super-user-friendly package, and it comes with the added bonus of ABS. Best of all this model has made it Down Under, and after a recent 1000km loop of highways, mountain roads and even a good smattering of dirt, I'm convinced it's A Good Thing.

    And that article was published 3 July 2009. So it appears to be so... unless someone else knows otherwise?