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My New Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazzler, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    I'm back on 2 wheels again. Just bought a VFR800 and love it.

    Hope to get back to a few rides now.

  2. and how about these numbers...

    Insurance quote from RACV for Comprehensive.... $900ish
    Insure-my-ride... $324

    No brainer eh :shock:
  3. Insure my ride gave me a horrible quote.

    Is that for full com? and what year is the bike and how much did you pay for it and :worthlesspics:
  4. Pics
    I would if I could, but I can't??[/img]
  5. Full comp, bike is 98.
    'Image add' function is not working.
  6. Not sure if I've mentioned this before in another thread but GIO (owned by suncorp who also own insuremyride) are doing bikes now. Their quote was pretty much the same but didn't ask me the q about how often I ride.
  7. Congrats on being back on 2-wheels, the VFR & a ripper Insurance quote!
  8. Congrats!! Another V4 to add to the collection!
  9. If you think that premium is good, wait till you hit 50 :wink:
  10. excellent choice of bike! very nice indeed,

    You can get fully insured for under 6 grand????
  11. Try Swann, couldn't believe how cheap they were for me - haven't ridden for 10 years and they insured my new Fazer for about $330!
  12. Is that the VFR that was on ebay recently? If so how does that pipe sound? Congarats on a great purchase. I am also loving the VFR ATM.
  13. Life insurance gets better when you get older too, doesn't it? :p
  14. Yes it has an Omrae carbon fibre pipe. Sounds a bit different to other sports piped VFRs I've heard before.

    I certainly like it and am looking forward to my first blast through Burnley or Domain tunnels!
  15. Being a VFR fan you have a very nice example of a 5th gen there congrats, the carbon cans tend to have a deeper sound due to the sound deadening effect they have unlike say a st/st can which will echo more so has a more tinny sound. Only thing I can recommend very highly is an aftermarket rear shock which will improve the bikes handling out of site as the standard shock is past it's use bye date after about 25000kms & there not really worth rebuilding. I just sold my 6th gen after 5 years of trouble free ownership & only really sold it due to the mid life crises need of a sportsbike for 2-3 years & selling my dedicated track bike so needed something to do both road & track.
  16. you should post a pic or two of your beast, roy :)
  17. Because my sole objective isn't to come to a forum to just sprout doom & gloom for my own addenda adding content is a good way to show that's not the case. So your wish is my pleasure to accommodate.

    This is my VFR800 04 6th gen in all it's glory before I removed allot of the modifications before sale as realists know you never get back the coin you put in. This bike was perfect & was a very hard decision to strip then sell but after owning for 5 years I simply felt like a change & wanting to see what Honda releases as an update maybe in 2010.

    A keen eye will notice the 06 R1 front end fitted to the bike which transformed it from a sports tourer to a sportsbike. There are so many mods it would need a thread of it's own to list :)


    Back to semi standard & the way you will see it riding around Melb with new owner
  18. nice looking bike :grin:
  19. 4 exhaust system is overkill, good choice on changing it
  20. He changed it coz he's selling it.

    Nice looking bike (both of them :) )