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My new ride - W650

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by yob_job, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just over a week ago i bought my new Kawasaki W650.
    This was a fresh import, 2003 model which i bought from Scotts in Sydney.

    I am very happy with this bike, When i bought this bike it had the following:
    *Polished triple clamp
    *clip-on bars
    *rearset pegs
    *titanium 2 into 1 exhaust

    Very happy with this bike, gets some good looks and goes great.
    Although it they call it a W650 it is 675 cc

    still want to add more Mods, so I am working out what can be done next to the bike.

    Hope you all enjoy :)

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  2. Nice looking ride, congrats.
  3. Well done. I was looking to get one of these or the W400 until I realised they were not LAMS legal :(

    I noticed that they were pretty pricey too. Probably because they are not too available. How long did it take you to find this one and if you don't mind me asking - how much?

    You've got some nice mods there too.

    I'm sooooooo jealous.

    When I get my full licence I may well end up with one. I've got to say, though that the Honda makes a pretty good alternative for the moment.

    Enjoy your ride

  4. Beautiful looking bike! As you'd know, the sky is really the limit with those things.

    Funny exhaust style on that bike!
  5. To be honest I just went into Scotts over in Arncliffe and was actually going there looking at some Ducati's that they had.
    They had quite a few Cafe Racer's and I saw this one and it really grabbed me.
    I preferred this over the sr500 because of age, and to be honest it has electric start, as I am lazy :p
    It does have the kick start as well, however because of the different rearset I am unable to pull it out all the way, so for me this is now a looks thing, but works if I changed my rearset.
    I looked at a few other bikes but I did not see anything like this one, I wanted something different, something that stands out, and something that can make a little noise, and this ticked all the box's.

    I must admit I don’t actually mind the exhaust on this one, I thought it was better then the 2 pea shooters that usually come with it.

    They do have a bit of a price tag, i think because they are all imported, But well worth the money.
  6. I'd get some schmick parts from Dues Ex Machina to hot it up a bit.
  7. I was thinking that today actually, I want to take it in to the shop and get an idea of what can be done to the bike so i can slowly start doing it bit by bit.
    I have no idea what mod's can be done to these yet, other then the ones that have allreasdy been done, but looking at there website they have some photos of W650'S that are out of control!!! and i was loving it haha
  8. since you've already endured the sticker-shock of the bike's price, you are well prepared for more of the same at Deus :LOL:

    one of these days I want a bike like this; perhaps a 1979 XS-650 Yamaha like I used to have, to turn into a classic like your 650.....
  9. I've owned a W650 for four years. Lovely bike, goes well, ultra reliable, only ever replaced a battery, tyres, oil, filters and spark plugs since I bought it. Kick starter is not hard to use, in fact, I quite often use it from cold to save the battery.

    Mine has an extremely loud non-standard exhaust, I must admit that this noise has started to get to me on long trips. I'm looking around at either getting quieter mufflers or putting the standard exhaust back on.

    The other alternative is to get something else, I love the bike and don't ever want to sell it but maybe after 4 years I owe it to myself to try something different. So I am open to any outrageously generous offers.

    I changed back to the standard exhaust, I was a bit concerned that it might be slower, but it is all OK. So quiet after what I was used to, rode along at 120 kph in 4th gear for about 10k's and didn't realise. Looked at the tacho and I was doing over 5000 rather than just over 4000. Anyhow I think I will keep it.
  10. I used to look longingly at these things when Scott's were back at Kogarah, but they were always WAY outta my price range.
    Next mods for me would've been: chop the rear, add single seat (with the rear cowl), and a pair of bar-end mirrors.
    I've also seen Scotts do some nice things with digital/replacement instruments too, if you're that way inclined?
    Congratulations and I'm truly jealous.
  11. Yob_job, great ride there. I have a W400 and love it. Easy around town and OK for a shortish day out. Cost an arm and a leg but if I want to sell is in great condition and LAMS legal so I might recoup some.
    I have wanted to ride a 650 to see how it compares to the '61 Bonnie. Better brakes and less oil on the floor for a start - but probably a little lacking in the music department.
  12. There was an interesting comparison between the old and new Bonneville and the W650. http://www.realclassic.co.uk/triumph04032200.html

    According to that reviewer the W650 comes out on top and especially against the old Bonnie. My W650 has very loud aftermarket pipes. people don't like to follow me it is that loud, but saying that, they also agree that it is a much more pleasing sound than a loud V-twin.

    As far as power goes, I have the smallest bike in my group of friends, but I never get left behind. Sometimes I have to ride it pretty hard and most of the time I have a pillion but the old Kwaka always shines through.

    Overtaking, you need to use 4th, top is an overdrive, the bike would have a higher top speed in 4th than top. At 110 kph in top the bike is doing 4000 rpm, it is redlined at just under 8000. If you could wind it out to the redline in top it would be doing over 200 kph, there is no way it could do over 200 kph. If you could wind it out in 4th, I would estimate that it would be doing about 180-190. This is all academic with todays speed limits etc.
  13. Kawasaki are now advertising the replacement for this, the W800, on the back cover of Old Bikes Australiasia magazine; looks nice with standard pipes, I must say, and they stress; "Metal parts used in favour of plastic throughout"; a dictum some other manufacturers could well follow :LOL:
  14. Yeah, I saw one at the Melbourne expo.

    Word has it they're going to be 12k plus on roads. Well, that's what the marketing guy said he was aiming for anyway.
  15. Nice bike moight, I would change that pipe to a reverse trumpet style, or a cocktail shaker style can.
  16. Forget it, dushbagexmachina or how ever the bloody hell you pronounce it over charge plan and simple for a lot of parts, I reckon ebay it, lots of cafe parts for sale.
  17. Single seat cowl and a set of rearsets would look good on the OP's bike - personal preference only of course. I sure as sh!t wouldn't go past a little online searching for parts either.