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my new ride VTR250 smooth as!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Nachi, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just started riding a week now... my Honda VTR250 99.
    Loving it more and more everyday, I love sleeping in but I seem to be naturally waking up a lot earlier these days... I guess I'm just excited to go for a ride!

    Got caught in the rain storm while riding home from work the other night... probably the only time I didn't quite enjoy riding as much.

    Looking forwards to longer rides outside the city... is it too early for a Learner to venture a bit far out?

  2. Sweet exactly like mine :) - happy riding

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  3. You might have trouble getting parts for that bike, there's only a couple of them around :rofl:

    No, good choice, and isn't it funny how getting places is more fun on a bike??
  4. Congrats they are a top looking bike IMO.

    Venture out as much as you like, just ride to your limits and watch out for fatigue or numb ass till you get a few more K's under your belt.
  5. Haha... yeah it's nothing new and there is a few of the around, but it still rocks my world world! Riding is super fun and I guess that's why we all do it.

    I'm keen to just ride, but I am being careful.... but hard to resist just turning that throttle just a little bit harder when I reach open road... still need more practice!

    But I actually find that my right indicator needs to be pushed in for a bit longer in order for it to stick, no a biggie but wondering if I should just deal with it or see a sparkie about it?
  6. All you need now is a staintune :p
  7. That's a great looking ride!
  8. very clean looking bike !
    don't know if it's a problem... but the same thing happens when indicating on my vtr250, but i got used to it haha doesn't bother me at all.
    but congrats on the bike !

    - Alex
  9. welcome to NR? nice bike!!
  10. got to love the vtr's great fun to ride, wait until you get to the twistie roads:p and going straight through roundabouts, the chicanes for slowing people down on backstreet's etc...

    come down to the satdy morning sessions at elwood
  11. Lol venture out asap bro. my first ride was a 500km putty run north of sydney (i.e. the riders paradise that is the inner central coast.) It was ****ing epic.
  12. Ah you know (bit of DIY) what I did was un-do the 2 screws that hold the indicator block together and opened it up and blew some air into it (with air pump) and gave it a light brushing... and it fixed it right up. now the indicators are working all good! (I think it might just be a dust build up or something) - but be careful not to rip out the wires...

    Thanks for the great comments everyone - I'm new to riding and netrider, but feel awesome about everything so far!

    Keen as to venture out, already going to random rides to places just for the sake of riding, next stop might have to down Mornington peninsula...
  13. Great looking bike, and looks like they hold their value. All the VTRs I saw were over 5 grand ride away. What was the damage?
  14. lots of love for the VTR250. My first bike as well, perfect learner.
  15. Yeah it's a 99 model with 36K - got it for 4K ride away, but included delivery and 12 month warranty from metro motorcycles in Ringwood. I'm happy with the deal, I know I probably could have gotten it a bit cheaper privately, but for a 12 year old bike it's nice to have a decent warranty on it.
  16. Sounds like a steal to be honest... Nice one :)
  17. Nice bike dude. Much love for the VTRs :D
  18. The VTR that I as selling has a Staintune exhaust, It makes the bike sound awesome and gives you a bit more hp.

    Great choice of bike to learn on, have fun with it.
  19. Great Bike! In the market for my own VTR250, preferably and one of the later models with the Honda decal as opposed to the VTR decal but yours looks mighty fine in Red! Would love to know who, where, when and how much you got it for? Trying to soak up as much knowledge about the bike and prices etc before taking the plunge.
  20. Just re read your comment and would love to know a little more about your bike!