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My New Ride - VFR800

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Data Queue, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hey all.

    So after the 7th or 8th time the Hyosung blew up with another electrical fault, I threw my toys out of the pram and insisted they not fix it and we organise a replacement. The dealer is now the proud owner :D

    The Guys at Team Moto at Marooka were actually quite cool and we arranged that I upgrade to a VFR800. I pick it up on Thursday. A small amount (quite small really) changed hands to make sure this sweet ride is my new baby.

    Test rode a Sprint GT 1050 as well. That was my aim, but whilst it ticked all the boxes and was a tad faster, I fell in love with the VFR. It was close and if the VFR wasn't there I would have taken home the Sprint.

    2007, just over 11 thousand Ks and the exhaust is debaffled. It sounds so VERY horny!

    on to the Bike p0rn!

    My New Bike - small.
  2. Now that's what I call an upgrade.
  3. Bling time. Great bike
  4. A small changeover to go from one end of the build spectrum to the other?

  5. i demand better pictures.....................to get my jollies :p
  6. #6 Data Queue, Nov 12, 2011
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    more coming over the next few days hopefully.

    that was an iPhone pic, going to have a mate of mine with a proper setup take pics once its cleaned up a bit.

    sounds exactly like this one as it is de-baffled.

  7. iam thinking of buying one as well iam going to test ride the sprint and the viffer on Tuesday.
  8. mate both are very nice. Good luck with the decision.
  9. Nice bike, Data ! Congrats mate (y)
  10. nice work mate!
  11. very nice lookin n soundin bike roooooooooooommmbaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Massively jealous - that is one clean shiny example of a beautiful Viffer (y)
  13. So what do you do for a living!? Sell ice to eskimos or something? How did you even get the dealer to listen to you, much less convince them to do the right thing!? Amazing!

    Awesome bikes tho, well done!
  14. Gorgeous bike, heard they do it all too. Enjoy!
  15. Very nice bike. Easy to look at. Not a world champion at any one job, but extremely capable at most things. A great modern all rounder. Congratulations. From a low-sung to a Viffer - that's some upgrade!
  16. Would you believe I am a Service Delivery Manager. and not a salesman.

    I went in with a plan of attack the 6th and 7th time with a view to an outcome similar to this.

    Went in being nice but firm and friendly. Asked them how they were going to get me out of this situation. All of me wanted to rant and scream, but, then I lose control of the situation, and they get pissed off and on the back foot.

    Pick it up tomorrow...... :D
  17. Nice one mate.
    They're a good bike. An honest bike. Not the quickest to turn in or change direction. But once in the groove they flow really well.
    The have a small window of power. Bout 6,500 to 9,500. Before or after is doughy or over run.
    The kinda bike that you wind up and don't slow down for anything.
    I got my Leo's for $925 with a with a power commander from More power racing.
    Our dollar has dropped a bit since then though.
    While the power gains were minimal. The weight loss is very noticeable. Specially going side to side. Much much nicer.
    The front end is pretty soft. Going harder on the preload really just slows it down and makes it push under throttle. Remember their not USD forks.
    I wound the rear preload up all the way to the highest point, and left the front as is for the best results.
  18. From one extreme to the other, good choice!
  19. Checked out that site. They have some nice stuff cheap.

    Your right about the back. Its set standard on mine and it wallows around heaps, will be taking care of that.

    what do the exhausts sound like?
  20. Pure horn. Viffers have a great sound with a good set of pipes.