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My new ride (GS500F)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Gibo, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Got my new bike yesterday, a 2007 GS500F :) . Went for my first ride today, a bit wet and very interesting. I seem be stalling it a bit in 1st and I’m fearing that I’m over revving the engine sometimes on downshifts. What is the ideal power band to keep it in, it sounds like I’m thrashing it at 6k+RPM.

    I’ve been reading these boards for a while and hope to learn some more.

    Are the learner rides still being held in Sydney that I have been reading about?

    Some pics.

  2. G'day Gibo

    Good choice of bike.

    The GS500 will happily rev at 6000RPM but I am sure I am misunderstanding you when you say you are trying to use 6000 revs and stalling (on takeoff?) in first.

    You'll most likely be stalling because you are either not in first at all, or under-revving on takeoff, or dumping the clutch.

    For my GS500 the revs on takeoff in first are about 2000. Make sure you are in first. Apply the rear brake. Find (and get used to ) the friction point of your bike's clutch and then do your mirrors head-check routine and then slowly release the backbrake, clutch and gently add more throttle.

    Its a bit of a coordination thing but practice makes perfect. Most people stall early on :)

    And yes the Sydney practice sessions, often followed by a learner ride, are still on in Sydney. Details here --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97506

    Fun Ha!
  3. Nice, I've also got the 07 GS500F in the same colour scheme, very nice bike to start off with imo.
  4. i'ma n00b aswell...and it is a practice makes perfect matter...6k for a take off sounds abit full on to me (but i'm on a 250 so dunno if there's a difference here) 2k sounds about right once you've found the friction point and ease off the rear brake abit you should feel the bike start to move slowly...release the clutch and off ya go

    something i quickly learnt was not to downshift from ..5th gear to 2nd(example) when going 40 or so (thinking i'd need to be in that gear as i was slowing down coming upto a corner shortly) ....and ...the scary feeling of your back wheel locking up momentarily.

    i was greeted by a swift smack across the helmet by the old fella (harley rider) upon him seeing me do this.

    i've seen posted elsewhere...each gear...apart from 5th...seems to have about 20km bracket to work in...
    2nd -20-40
    5th-80-fkn floggin it
  5. I rode a GS500 for about 24 hours as a loan bike. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to what revs I was doing, but I'd say 3,000 would be enough for a gentle launch, 4,000 for a normal one. Redline is 11,000 according to your tacho, so I don't think 6,000 is going to hurt it. My 202 red motor used to rev higher than that, with pushrods made of spaghetti and wishes and rockers made of old Fosters cans.
  6. I find when crusing at the desired speed, to keep the revs in the 4k-5k area. This appears to give good economy but still enough revs to get a quick speed up for overtaking, making big grin etc. Originally when I started out I would cruise in the 3-4k range as it made the engine quieter but my girl definately likes the extra oomph by riding in the 4-5k range. 6k to me sounds a little revvy but still way okay for the bike, particularly since the GS500 has such a good range of powerbands (hence it's good for learning and fairly forgiving.)
  7. I seem to be getting better, locked up my rear brake and went for a slide today (love Sydney weather) managed to hold it tho... Just :S

    After something a little louder so ordered a Screaming Demon exhaust (stuck with the bike for at least 2 years so might as well have it sound better) and its going in for a service so chucking a K&N filter in as well.

    Hopefully Sunday will be a dry day so I can practice some more without being an idiot on the brakes.

  8. I like your number plates.
  9. looks very 'business-like' in that slate grey (y)

    4 years old and only 17,000 kms :shock:, geez some bikes have an easy life :LOL:.
  10. find a quiet car park and try to release the clutch slowly [no revving at all] and get the bike rolling on idle, if you have a flat surface, you should be able to 'idle off from start' tis one of the Learner startups that I was showed at HART. Helps with filtering control too
  11. I have a 2010 GS500 naked and bought a yoshi bolt on for it. I installed it in just 30minutes, it sounds great and has a removable baffle. I think I bought it for about $500 from the states.

    I added a picture so you can see what the yoshi looks like.

    Attached Files:

  12. Nice!, I went with the Screaming Demon 450B. Sound kinda silly modding a bike before I even know how to ride it properly but I want to make the experience of riding the best I can.