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My new ride.... exit Virago250 enter GS500

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tirian, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    My new ride just arrived. Delivered to my door by Allwest - can't recommend them highly enough. Very professional guys. I booked the pickup last Friday, they got the bike from Newcastle on Monday, at my home now in SE Melbourne Wednesday night. They were in the middle (dollar wise) of all the quotes I got.


    I loved the Virago but it just wasnt big enough for me. She's going to a new owner (a lady) who will enjoy her more.

    Anyway, I got the GS500 for a good price even with transport. Only 7000k's on the clock. Just got to sort out all the rego stuff here in Vic now but I think I have all my ducks lined up.

    So far I have only ridden the GS from the truck to the garage but tomorrow is coming....... My normal commute is from Frankston South to Frankston, but tomorrow I think I'll go via Mornington, Arthurs Seat and Red Hill!

  2. The only thing you might wanna do is get some more padding in the seat... you'll know what i mean once you start commuting.... I got a matress from rays outdoors for $10 (thin blue camping one), and cut out a seat shape, and put it inside the normal seat

    Made ALOT of difference :)
  3. your picture doesn't work...Nice try
    "Hey i'll just upload a broken link for a picture and no one will notice" lol...


    congrats. ride safe
  4. In the mean time Right Click > Open in new tab will let you view the pic.

    Nice bike - looks pretty clean :grin:
  5. Congratulations! I know how you feel, my Virago has been great for learning on and getting up my confidence - but I can't wait until my new bike arrives next week! Ready for a bit of speed and power :LOL: not too much though - I'm going to a 650 (ER-f6)
  6. Hmmn, I really love riding this new bike. The engine revs so much higher than the virago I give up around 5-6000 rpms. The red line is at 11000 - can that really be right?!!! :) I dont think I could cope with letting it rev that high.. ..

  7. Seriuosly, don't worry about revving it that high, a bike engine is made to rev to redline whether that be at 5000 or 18000.

    I remember hoping on my friends FZR250 after being used to a bike with a 6500 redline. The FZR didn't move if you went below 6000, had to quickly relearn where to change gears. The GS is a lot more forgiving than that, you can ride it around never going over 6000 but you wont want to once you've tried the extra revs out a couple of times :grin:
  8. here you go fixed the pic for you

  9. hey how'd you fix it?
  10. Congratulations mate! The GS is a great choice and will feel a million times better than the Virago.

  11. the gs500 looks something like this