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My new ride - CBR1000F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by moto2, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. #1 moto2, Feb 13, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
    After 4years on the ZZR250 it was time to finally upgrade.

    My upgrade wishlist went something like:

    Sprint ST1050

    Anyway the budget I had been given wasn't going to get me any of these so it was time to think about something older.

    I came across this CBR1000F and straight away was impressed and had to have it. After reading this article I thought why not? http://www.bikepoint.com.au/reviews/2008/story/honda/cbr1000f/honda-cbr1000f--buying-used-14248

    I will mainly be doing some touring, travelling round doing some cycling racing as an official and the occassional ride with my son as pillion so the bike should be perfect for all that.

    So it's a 1997 CBR1000F with 60,000km on it. It came with a nice gearsack rack, bag, soft panniers and a sheepskin seat cover so it's ready for touring. The Delkevic pipes sound great, had to put the baffles in for the RWC but I think I will leave them in anyway. It has some scratches on the RHS faring from a previous drop but it's not too bad.

    Had it checked out by Brett at Madbiker (who I can't recommend enough if your buying a bike) who gave it the all clear so hopefully nothing happens mechanically for a while.

    Haven't been on group rides for over a year now but will get back in to it now I have this! Just need to get used to all that power before I head out in a group.

    S6300001.JPG S6300002.JPG
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  2. 60,000kms on a '97 machine is pretty terrific!

    Ventura rack and some nice after-market pipes is even terrific-er!!

    Congrats, and enjoy.
  3. Looking good. They keep saying they are heavy in the review but the spec is only about 190 kg dry.
    No doubt you are up for some fun.
  4. The owners manual quotes it's dry weight at 235kg dry. It is a big bike when trying to push it around the garage but then I've only ever had the zzr250 to compare it to. Against other sports tourers it might not be that heavy. Once moving along I don't really notice the weight as a problem.
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  5. Welcome to the Cbr1000f club , yes they can feel heavy when moving around the driveway / garage but that weight is what gives them stability out on the road. Ive owned several and i wont be parting with my current one, i enjoy the feel ,comfort and predictability of it compared to more current machines.

    As for you getting used to the power? They are as docile as you want unless you get the rpms up which is when they come alive.

  6. Evening all i have a 93 cbr1000f just sitting around collect dust is the anyone interested in purchasing as i no longer need it and would perfer to see the bike being used instead of just fading away needs minor work but selling very cheap
  7. Where are you located, and what is this minor work?
    How many km on it?
    overall condition?
  8. Mate im in Mackay north QLD to be honest i really dont know much about bike i brought the bike just to get me to work....then got a job with a company vehicle so was lucky to put 1000 klms on the bike in like 8 years i did replace front back tyre new chain spocket etc years ago motor runs fine needs new seals on clutch and front brake levers etc...i am only looking for 700.00 ono thanks 0427754877 if you would like pics etc