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My new ride - Big Bang R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by UDLOSE, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I'm finally back on a decent bike after a year and a half.

    I love my 600s and 250s on the mountains but they suck everywhere else. Ive owned a couple of sports tourers and they're good everywhere else but are below par on the technical stuff.

    I've never liked thousands but my mate pointed out to me a few weeks ago - "hey you complain that 600s are too aggressive for road and whinge that sports tourers don't brake and handle etc, well that's where thous fit in". I realized that this bastard was right! I've ridden a fair few of the late model thous - 06 fireblade, 09 fireblade, 08 R1, 10 zx10 and didn't like any of them. It's nice to ride a big bike but the power delivery is still very much like a 600.

    So this is where the crossplane R1 fits in. "V-Twin like" power down low with brilliant top end you'd expect from a thousand.

    I bought this one privately with 10,000km on it, Matte black, Yoshi slipons, immaculate and no tacky bling.

    So I picked it up Tuesday night. Wed morning, wind in some preload, flip the shift linkage and set off to do the Putty Loop ride with my mates. No better way to test a road bike IMO.

    Where do I start - ergos are good it's surprisingly comfortable compared to 600s. You feel like your riding in the bike not perched on top as much as a 600. Sure I was sore at the end of the day but that's expected from anything half decent. I find that I'm not taking my left hand off the bar and resting it on the tank very often compared to other bikes.

    The dash is very good, nice features, I can see out the mirrors holy crap. All good stuff for a road bike.

    It sounds insane. It was very strange handling at first but I'm learning how to ride it now and loving it more with every kilometer. The brakes work so well that I'm actually scared of them.

    It definitely needs some gearing ASAP, it's way too tall stock.

    All in all it's a great bike. Haven't had the chance to take a good photo of it.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Very nice. I am in love with the crossplane R1s myself.

    Glad to hear your have found the bike that suits your current riding.
    People who think a thou is too much for the road just simply do not understand how good they can be. After all, its all in the wrist.
  4. Yes, I once traded rides with an R-1 owner. He loved the power of my Busa and I loved the handling of his R-1. - That Big Bang motor is also pretty damn sweet. (They sound unreal with an Akrapovic system on!)

    Unfortunately I'm not Lebanese, so I can never buy one.
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  5. Is Yamaha - Is Good
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  6. Yeh the best part is you can cruise around at the limit and maybe burst it to say 6-7k from the lights and it's still enjoyable. Similar to a sports tourer. Where as the traditional i4s do nothing under 7 and they're depressing to ride at the speed limit/low rpm, but then you go over 7 and it becomes a madman but then that's court appearance speeds.

    This bike is good down low and great up top, it really is having your cake and eating it too.

    I can't wait to put a -1 front sprocket on it. It's funny actually going down to 1st gear on the mountains.

  7. When are you going to put some bling on it? :p
  8. bling is good
  9. Lol! Yeh man tacky gold everything! Gold rearsets, levers, spools, bolts, ill fit some dildo looking grips, unessessary chain adjusters, gold chain, fake carbon fiber stickers on my triple and gas cap, a double bubble screen but jet black so I can't see through it ever, rad guard so it overheats, billet covers on everything and some tiny billet mirrors so I can't see the cops coming up on me.

    Seriously I reckon I'll put black pazzos on it and some nicer front indicators but that's it.
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  10. Where can I get dildo grips? They sound awesome! Do they glow in the dark?
  11. bout time u bought a real bike
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  12. R1's look cool. Nice Bike.
  13. Dildo grips, mint flavored and ribbed for her pleasure but I don't believe they glow in the dark - http://bit.ly/InIOJE
  14. The matte black looks great, BTW.
  15. Wise choice mate. The engine is dam near perfect for street use.
    The only minor issue for me was the heat under the seat during summer.
    Much better now with the Y-pipe.

  16. Here are the best front indicators in existence for motorcycles

    not plastic but aluminium flush mounts



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  17. then put these on the back

  18. Hey Tak are they visible in daylight?