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My new ride beemer cruiser look ok 2 U?

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by goddie, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Just got my new ride delivered from Sydney. New tyre on front, never heard of the DURO brand before. But I reckon the bike looks sweet. Different to the gsx750f I am selling, any takers?
    I like the retro look about this baby. anyhow, see you out there.


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  2. Is that the Montauk, all 1200cc of it.......... mates got one, not too any of my mates liked the look of it, but none of them faulted the ride..

    me.. I like it
  3. Interesting style
  4. A friend in Canberra has one. I respect his choice (and yours) but it looks like it's been hit several times very hard with an ugly stick.
  5. do not like that weird brown colour, but as far as cruisers go, it's not the worst out there :) not bad, man, not bad.
  6. This one I believe is an Independant, rode to work this morning first time, that bloody indicator system they have, left for left and right for right is frustrating initially, heated grips work well though and comfee enough of a seat. The Montauk has a driving light under the headlight, and yes this one's a 1200 as well, the lights on the front of mine are fog lights, do bugger al but add a little 'look at me' look about it. Got abs as standard as well, seems to be idling like crap at the moment and i know now why they compare them to a sewing machine, needs a raspy note added for sure.. totally different feel to the gsx750f I was riding too, just a re adjustment to riding styles. and they do that 'fuglee or nice' look about them you like or hate them no in between.. We in my opinion anyway. cheers and have a safe one :)

  7. i have never seen such an ugly bike in my life.
    i feel queezy in my stomach just looking at it.
    completely repulsive, nothing you could do to it could make it any uglier, amazing.
  8. People should of course buy the bike that THEY like, but I actually voted for the particular model in a web poll for the 'Ugliest bike of all time' :)

    Have fun with your new ride BTW.
  9. I like the Paralever suspension on it..... haul on the brakes as hard as you like and the bike stays dead level.... front doesnt dip at all.

    pretty cool

  10. I really like the look of some beemers, goddie, nice bike. And I don't mind a tight little sewing machine purr either, that's how mine sounds (though the blokes on my model of bike cant seem to mod the can fast enough!)
  11. This bike always catches my eye, I remember when they first came out and I wanted one. They seem just odd enough to appeal to me.
  12. Hmmm. Duro tyres. Budget crap, but it probably won't kill you. On a dry track I frazzled a rear Duro all the way to the edge on my K100 and it never felt like letting go so they can't be that bad.

    Indicators are initially weird but after a week or two you'll wonder why all bikes aren't made that way.

    Agree with oz_johnno about the telelever/paralever suspension. It's simply brilliant and allows all sorts of braking deep into bends nonsense when going hard that would be suicide on anything else.

    'Fraid I agree with the ugly vote though, but I used to ride this, so what would I know?:shock:

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  13. ^^ yours looks even awesomer :p
  14. hey pat i hope you rode it to the tip
  15. not raining on your parade, but I thought this thing was the epitome of ugliness when it first came out, and it hasn't improved.
  16. 'Twas my sole means of transport for 2 years, but that was in the UK where rats and survival bikes are loved and appreciated :p.
  17. explains alot ive ridden a few shit heaps in my time too
  18. Must agree you stay pretty upright under braking, like the look or not, tis damn quiet but a nice smooth ride :)