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My New Ride and Return to 2 wheels

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Padros, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Here's my RC8 :bannanabutt::bannanabutt:


  2. Welcome back Padros, I had to approve your post as it had pics in it you hadn't made enough posts so the anti-spam software had caught yours out, great looking bike.,
  3. i cant see the pics but **** i love rc8.
  4. i am the same i cant see the pics either...
  5. That's s seriously serious bike, and a seriously well-scrubbed back tyre :LOL:

    Welcome (back).
  6. i seriosuly cant see the pics!!
  7. :( i also cant see pics.
  8. Are there pics?

    I can't see 'em.
  9. they must be 'p0rn.....[-( tsk,tsk......I can only see lil' red crosses
  10. That's weird. I see them now and obviously the mods can see them but the rest of you see red X's. Hmm

    Let me try post another and see what happens8-[

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  11. i can see em but I'm a mod, weird, Maybe if you get to 5 posts or more they will magically appear.
  12. Can see the new ones, and bewdiful they are, too. Go the Katies.
  13. Love those bikes!

    Nice pick. If you ever get sick of it and want to give it away, My house is a good home

  14. Hahaha if I get sick of the feeling this bike gives me on full gas...I'll gladly give it to you LOL
  15. finally see the pics, very nice, so yeah I would ba happy to park it next my couch if you wanna give it away anytime lol
    nice indeedee
  16. My favorite bike......droooooooooooooooool
  17. nice bike mate good choice
  18. Love the sharp angles on it, gorgeous bike. I was going to say it reminds me of a superduke until I looked up the make lol
  19. It's definitely a monster when you let it rip. Not an easy bike to ride but a bike that makes fast riding easy. Did the spur and lake mountain yesterday. Perfect riding weather. Not too cold, not too hot and roads nice and dry:angel:

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  20. What makes it hard to ride?