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My new ride and a few general questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by skeeo, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Well i've had this bike for like half a week now and my l's for abit over a week. I've only gone on 2-3 rides on the road as i'm still lacking abit of confidence. A few questions -

    i'm an absolute noobie when it comes to bike mechanics and I can't for the life of me work out where to check the oil level of the bike? I've looked at the manual and its quite unclear, hopefully someone with the same bike can point me in the right direction?

    I know that boots will one day save my ankles and feet but i'm finding that my boots feel too chunky and I can't really feel where the gear lever is and that my foot sometimes gets stuck between the gear lever and footpeg.

    Thirdly, how long before you hit the road? Did you just jump straight into it or ride to the carpark and have a few spins?

  2. Strike while the iron is hot - get out there and ride :D

    there should be a dip stick to check the oil level - make sure bike is on a level surface before checking and better to be warm also....
  3. Good bike, mate!

    You may need to get your foot levers customised to suit you; specifically made a bit longer to accommodate your humunguous plates of meat. Any reasonably competent engineer should be able to add an inch or two the length of the pedals so you can wear boots and protect yourself.
    wot he said about checking the oil ^^^
  4. hmmm so just take it to a bike mechanic and ask them to add abit more rim to the foot pegs and gear/brake levers?

    with the oil, i know there is a oil dip stick, i just can't find where it is on the bike :/
  5. Skeeo i ride the same bike. I have never seen a dipstick or a viewing hole on my bike for the oil.

    with the feet thing I wear a size 12 as well and i have no problems i wear r-jay riding boots, I find it harder to ride with sport shoes.

    as for the riding what i did is ride in my local streets and the work your way out to the crazy roads goodluck but go at your own pace.

    enjoy great bike :grin: :grin:
  6. just keep looking it will be there :p little screw cap with a dipstick under it.. I am not very familiar with your bike model - just going on experience ...

    I ride in normal shoes always except going on sports rides or long distnace i throw on the rossis .... But generally not sneakers - i wear boots - mostly unless i am in a hurry..
  7. so theres no place to view how much oil there is? what do you normally do than, just take it to get serviced regularly and they will keep the fluid levels up?
  8. Yeah the dip stick whould be (obviously) low down on the engine and you would think it would be in a fairly easy to find spot??? But i know i looked for ages before i found my dip stick only to find that it was in a really obvious spot after all.

    As for the riding, yep get out there and ride on the roads. You might as well learn on roads seeing as thats where you'll end up riding. Take it easy for a little on some back roads if you feel the need and then just get out there.
  9. I just change the oil ,oilfilter every 5000k's and hope that my oil light on the bike works if the bike needs oil.
  10. On the zx2r, there is a sight glass on the right hand side of the engine (there's a gap in the fairing for you to see it). Have a good look and you'll find it. With the bike standing upright (ie, not on the side stand) the oil should be viewable in the sight glass.

    You may need to adjust your gear lever, otherwise just keep riding, your boots will start feeling less alien over time.

  11. i was like that when i started. which was only 4 months ago.

    i learnt while i was living at watsons bay (syd), and wouldnt dare going anywhere near traffic lights or major roads. i learnt riding in the back streets of wato bay and vaclause.

    haha i remember i wasnt thinking and before i knew it i ended up at a busy roundabout and freaked out and stalled the bike. haha that sucked ass. happened a few times actually when i felt pressured to be a sensible road user. (i had never even driven a car before, still havent).

    3 weeks later i rode to victoria. it doesnt take long at all. practice about 4 times a week and you'll have no problems.
  12. You need to just get out there and ride, you wont gain any confidence sitting at home looking at it. Cant help you with the dip stick problem. As for the boots dont compromise on safety, I had the same problem with my size 11s just took a while to get used to em. :)
  13. Just wanted to say at a quick glance your bike looks like a zx7r.
    One of the better looking 250's around :)
  14. I have size 12 feet too. I have a pair of Rossi touring boots. They are around the $250 mark and do the job very well indeed. Dont touch a pair of bike boots that may feel tight. You need to be comfortable when riding, and you dont want the distraction of sore feet. Whats more, you dont break bike boots in. They break you in.
  15. i got falco boots for 200, they are very comfy, i guess its that i'm not use to wearing boots while riding so they feel chunky and i cant' really feel the gear lever, i have to really look for it with the boots.
  16. Don't forget that like any other piece of leatehr footwear, they'll be a bit stiff for a while.
    Try wearing them around the house of an evening to break them in?

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. You might need to adjust the position of the gear lever to suit you. It sits on a spline, you can move it upwards or downwards. I've never owned a bike that it didn't need moving on to suit me.

    You shouldn't need to look for the lever, it will (should!) be in the same position all the time, but it does suggest that it's not in a natural place for you to use.

    The size of your boots shouldn't really matter if they fit well, unless the top is quite rounded.
  18. another nub question, the indicator lights are Oil, Turn, High Beam and Neutral. How do I know when I need petrol or when to turn the fuel tap to reserve?
  19. from what I've seen/heard, most bikes don't tell you ;) keep an ear out for the sound of fuel in your tank and one day, if you find you're losing power no matter what you do, flip it to reserve and see how you go.

    I ran out of fuel the other day for the first time (well, had to flip to reserve). Looking back, I remember not hearing fuel in the tank when I left home, then it pretty much just felt like I stalled and couldn't start again. Thought about it quickly and decided I musta been outta fuel :) Over to reserve and off I went :)
  20. and when filling up, does it matter whether it is flicked onto reserve or normal?