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My new ride - 2010 GSXR-1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Seko, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    After years of dreaming about owning a litre bike and finally being able to afford one, I took a 2010 GSXR-1000 demonstrator out for a test ride and, well, the rest is history.... put a deposit down on the Thursday and picked up my brand new black GSXR-1000 on the Saturday... Extremely happy with the purchase. Magic machine, and learnt very quickly that the throttle needs to be treated with a lot of respect. The amount of grunt on tap is phenomenal, and that's keeping it under 6500RPM..


  2. Very nice, congrats. I like the black and gold combination.
  3. Now you will have even less time to mow the lawn. ;-)

  4. You're on fire with the gags today !
  5. Green289 that is a machine you will be straddling between your legs. Treat it with respect and it will return the favor.

    Was lucky enough to ride an example over the weekend that was modded off it's "tits" quiet literally. It was unrestricted in every form possible and looked p0rn.
  6. Me likes
  7. Awwwwww very nice..
    I ride my partners K5 gixxer ..
    she demands respect and gets it every time ...
  8. I generally don't like the gixxers, but this is a good looking piece of equipment.
  9. Haha! :rofl:

    Very nice bike - love it.
  10. Nice. A mate of mine got one and the first thing he did was rip off those Starship Enterprise looking exhausts and picked up a pair of Akropovic slip ons from the US very cheap.
  11. Beautiful bike,
    but i just cant figure out for the life of me why they make em with those gigantic exhausts.
  12. Nice man! And I kinda like the exhaust :-O
  13. I like it! I just bought a new bike myself
  14. As a present and past enthusiast of GSXRs, I have to say CONGRATS on your new beast mate.
    Safe, happy riding to you (y)
  15. Sweetie it's rubbish, The 10 is so far removed from the visceral pleasure of the all conquering K5 that it's beyond laughter.

    Exhausts !!!!!!! Sugarplum please, what on earth have they done with the fuelling !!!!!

    The worst Gixxer ever made.
  16. Yes. A great bike, and the color of the frame against the black, gives it a boost over the completely black models. YES! respect the power. This bike relishes 160 plus. :)
  17. Congrats on the nike. I just picked up a near new K9 750 and i'm absolutely loving it. Yanked off the stock pipe though and put Remus shorty and now it growls like an angry old man in a deli...................rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Was very close to buying a litre bike but because I commute on mine everyday I thought it was a bit much........I'm fast learning that the 750 takes just as much respect!

    Enjoy many happy rides on your new bike.

  18. Thanks, glad you all (with one exception) like it. Enjoying it more and more each ride which tells me i've finally bought the right bike as by now I'd usually be getting sick of anything else id purchased in the past...

    QV - Congrats on the purchase, great bikes.. considering replacing the stock pipes also, just have to wait for a bit now for the bank to recover :|

    Raven - congrats on the new purchase also mate, always a little jealous of anyone that owns a Daytona 675.. nice work
  19. ^^ Yeah, a new pipe will both look and sound much better and reduce the weight too.
    Good to see that they made the 1000's in black unlike the K10 750's which got a horrid brown/coca cola type scheme.

  20. Nice toy. Congratulations. Enjoy. Make sure you scrub those tyres in carefully before you ask them much. Develop a very slow, progressive right wrist. I don't do it any more, but when I started riding big bikes, I used to 'lock' my wrist and raise and lower my elbow. My hand / wrist wasn't sensitive enough.

    I'm relieved to be back on a big (new) bike actually. For five years I've been stressing that the skills were getting rusty while I either didn't ride at all, or rode bikes with no power, where you not only could but almost had to treat the throttle with contempt. My nightmare was that I'd pick up the 14 or something, and high-side it turning onto the road away from the dealer...